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Want to get serious about search engine optimation? Learn from Me and get your businesshire an seo consultant
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Search Engine Optimization

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SEO Consultant
Building content to meet Panda algorithms is a critical part along with social media and link building projects. Remember what worked a couple of years ago might be hurting your SEO. Google, Bing, and Yahoo change ranking factors all the time. Optimization involves many skills, on page content, time on site and click through conversion testing.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Correct site layout
  • Strategies link building
  • Analyzing Keywords
  • Full website audit and SEO implementation
  • Understanding Panada quality score
  • How to idenfiy manual penalties
  • Get your business found locally
  • Correct white-hat links
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Rel= canonical configuration and Herf Lang Tag
  • Embedding video
  • Sitemap implementation “Webmaster Tools”
  • Website Speed “image optimization, java script and css rendering
  •, Open Graph and Twitter card markups

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