Hire SEO Expert

Hourly rates,  Monthly or Yearly Plans

  • Hourly rates start at $150 an hour
  • Monthly rates $400 for 5 hours of work and $1,000 for 10 hours
  • Yearly plans are discussed privately
  • Enterprise salary larger corporation.

For content creation:

  • $25 for 500 words or $70
  • 2,000 words.
  • Additional fee onto the monthly rates.

Ad words, Amazon and Facebook Management

$400 month. Over 10k in spend additional 10% of the spend.

Development work with trusted partners and design services. “Addition Cost at their Rates.”

Skills and Experience

  • Featured Blogger Socialmediatoday.com
  • Implement search engine optimization that drives traffic and increase site ranking via search engines.
  • Research keywords, via analytics and Webmaster tools.
  • Knowledge of Google’s algorithms penguin, panda and hummingbird.
  • Disavowing bad links.
  • Implementing a plan to increase natural links that boost rankings.
  • org Markups
  • Knowledge of page layout, tile tags, keywords, image tagging, length of descriptions and other HTML markups.
  • Working with CSS, HTML & 5, JavaScript and PHP
  • Facebook Advertising, Adwords and other PPC.