Algorithm Updates  Was June 22/23, 2020 the “government update”? Google update happened starting on June 22 and continuing on into June 23 of 2020. I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing this update. It does appear that for many YMYL queries, Google has started to greatly prefer official, highly authoritative websites. We feel […]

Algorithm Updates The latest on the May core update We do not have much to add on the May core update. If you haven’t seen it yet, we outlined several theories in our article on Google’s May update. I do feel that this update was primarily about how Google determines which answers are relevant to a […]

The latest on the May 2020 core update This update is shaping up to be a very large one. Initially, when Google announced that they were pushing out a core update, we hoped that the primary reason for an update would be to protect searchers so that they would be less likely to surface dangerous […]

Algorithm Updates Google’s May 2020 Core Update is live This week Google announced that they have pushed out another core update. As usual, they did not give us specifics but linked to their post that advises on what webmasters should know about core updates. While I am have seen several possible small updates in the […]

Barry Schwartz reported on a possible Google update on April 16, which was Thursday of last week. We did have several clients that saw changes on that day. Thankfully, we saw more improvements than drops! However, we also had clients who saw upticks in traffic starting on April 13. At this point, we do not […]

More from Google on whether E-A-T is a ranking factor Google has a blog post, published in August of 2019, called, “What webmasters should know about Google’s core updates”. The post got a lot of attention, but mostly because Google linked out to several SEOs’ articles on E-A-T, including our own. We have maintained for over three […]

Coronavirus is continuing to affect search traffic patterns We do not believe that Google has released any significant algorithm updates during the last week. However, as we have seen over the last few weeks, the majority of the websites that we monitor have seen changes in the amount of search traffic they are receiving. As […]

Twitter poll: Is Coronavirus affecting your search traffic this week? Marie Haynes✔@Marie_Haynes Time for our weekly check-in. What are your clients seeing in terms of search traffic this week? Impacted by COVID-19? 23%Increase 53%Decrease 11%Not much change 13%Other/See results 323 votes•Final result It was encouraging to see that 23% of you were reporting some type […]

Algorithm Updates & Coronavirus Impact It is quite challenging to determine whether Google has pushed out any significant updates over the last week as almost every business in the world is affected in some way by COVID-19.  Last week, a Twitter poll to ask what you are seeing in terms of impact on your clients’ businesses, or […]

New Episode of Search Console Training Daniel Waisberg, a Search Advocate at Google, gives an overview of sitemaps and how to understand the Sitemaps Report in the latest edition of his YouTube series, Search Console Training: In this episode of Search Console Training, @danielwaisberg discusses the sitemaps report in Search Console. What is it? Do […]