Google’s Algorithm Medic Update Recovery

If you reading this article chance is your website has been negatively impacting by Google’s August 1st, 2018 Medical update and you wonder how to recover organic traffic. To start Google’s update has flipped the Medical Financial and Lawfirms online industry upside down. Google’s new algorithm is affecting thin content websites in these industries that can affect people decision making. … Read moreGoogle’s Algorithm Medic Update Recovery

Google Mobile Index Checklist

Google is making an effort to inform all webmaster that Google is no longer crawling your website using a desktop Googlebot. The message below is an example of a message in the search console. If you don’t have search console set up I highly recommend that you read more about it. To owner of Blank … Read moreGoogle Mobile Index Checklist

Importance Of 301 Redirects

The importance of 301 Redirects can’t be overlooked and cause website traffic decreases if not implemented correctly telling Google about deleted or new pages. First to we must understand what is a 301 redirect. It’s a way to tell Google that a URL on your website has changed the structure or has been deleted from … Read moreImportance Of 301 Redirects

Panda & Penguin Update

Google is continuing to update Panda & Penguin algorithms. Just last month Google announced that each algorithm was on autopilot and they were pleased with their results providing the quality website in search results. For those who don’t know what panda is or penguin, I’m going to write a brief description of each. Feel free to … Read morePanda & Penguin Update