Panda & Penguin Update

Google is continuing to update Panda & Penguin algorithms. Just last month Google announced that each algorithm was on autopilot and they were pleased with their results providing the quality website in search results. For those who don’t know what panda is or penguin, I’m going to write a brief description of each. Feel free to contact me for more information or read about each algorithm here.

Panda is Google’s way for them to decide whether your website is an authoritative topical website. The algorithm gives your website a quality score base on content, site layout, errors and duplicate issues. All of these can hurt your search rankings if neglected.

Penguin is Google’s way of catching Black Hat Link Building SEO techniques. If Google decides your backlink profile is spammy your site can disappear from search results. You will know if your website is effect by receiving a manual action penalty in search console. To recover is time-consuming and requires that you perform a disavow file.

Why is this important that Google is still updating both algorithms? Here is a short answer to a complicated question. I’ve witnessed first-hand companies and small business losses everything from both manual action penalties. Google doesn’t care whether you win or losses. They are in business providing the best website for thousands of search queries. That is why it is important that you don’t take your website’s present lightly. Working with an SEO Expert will help you avoid either algorithm from affecting your search results. Google is changing all the time and you don’t a have time to worry about their next steps but I do.

Contact me today before you make the wrong mistakes.

Importance of Image Alt Tags

If there is one technical aspect that most companies and small businesses neglect often is the importance of image alt tags. Adding keywords based on search volume is an old SEO technique that has proven to boost search results. So why are alt tags missing on so many websites these days? My answer is adding image alt tags is time-consuming and it is a lost SEO practice. But, you can’t overlook the low hanging keyword opportunity to rank in search engines by adding relevant tags to your website’s images. Below is a client alt tag strategy for catalog printing.

Each image on the site is assigned to the keyword we are trying to rank for and a brief description of the image. Google will reward your ranking’s by adding descriptive tags to images.

    • set ALT text to:
      • “Catalog printing binding options – spiral binding”
      • “Catalog printing binding options – wire-O binding”
      • “Catalog printing binding options – perfect binding”
  • on the ideas and examples tab, add ALT text to the images like this (work “catalog” into some of them, “catalog printing” into others:
    • “Download catalog printing white paper guide”
    • “Top tips for catalogs that sell”
    • “Fresco Fabrics catalogs case study”
    • “Alpine Innovations catalog flipbook”
    • “Easy design tips for catalogs”
    • etc.
  • on the Free Templates tab, add ALT text to the images like this:
    • “Catalog printing template – Wilson and Bell”
    • “Catalog printing template – football”
    • etc.
  • on the predesigned templates image, add ALT text: “Predesigned catalog printing templates at a glance”
  • in the Independent Customer Reviews section, change the subheading of “Catalogs” to “Catalog Printing”
  • in the Online Design tab, add ALT text to the images:
    • “Free online catalog design tool – select a theme”
    • “Free online catalog design tool – edit your project”
    • “Examples of catalogs designed using our online design tool”

By the way, my client is number 1 for “catalog printing” If you need help building an image alt tag strategy don’t hesitate to contact SEO Expert.

3 SEO Sitemap Tips

Dealing with many different websites over the years I have discovered there is one major issue that most large and small companies overlook. The importance of a website’s sitemap. If there is one thing not to neglect it is the sitemap and what pages, posts and images go in it. Most webmasters add every page and then wonder why Google is only indexing so many pages. If you follow these steps, I guarantee you that you’ll have every page on your site indexed in search queries.

3 SEO Sitemap Tips

  1. Separate your sitemaps by adding one for your top navigation pages, services pages, and product pages, this way you’ll be able to see first hand is all my essential pages indexed. Next, add one for blog post only.
  2. If you have noindex follow pages don’t but them on your sitemap. Just because you still allow Google to crawl them does not mean those pages should be added to the sitemap.  Remember you are using the noindex signal in the header stopping Google for indexing those pages this will cause errors in webmaster console.
  3. The last tip is the most important of them all. NOT EVERY PAGE belong in your sitemap. Google only wants to crawl and index pages that meet Google’s quality score. So if you have thin content pages “product pages,” or duplicate pages don’t add them. You will only hurt your website, in the long run, causing your ranking to fade away over time. You are better off having a simple site even as an e-commerce website. Make quality pages, and you will rank for any keyword of your choosing.

If your sitemap is a mess contact an SEO Consultant and I will make sure all your pages will be indexed in Google.

Weekly SEO Update 10/27/17

1. The past 24 to 48-hour chatter by SEO experts about Google algorithm changes. Not seeing mobile vs. desktop but you might want to keep a close eye on your ranking this weekend.
2. Google mobile index in live and there are few queries already separated. It will always be changing over time.
3. Google keep promising us with more information in search console, and they don’t know when the beta will roll out.
4. Purring content as never help your site getting out of panda.
5. Johne muller said you should focus on duplicate content but put more time into making your website better for visitors.
6. Google is starting to us the ask box more and more in desktop search results.
7. The link report is not real time in search console.
8. Google local seams to be rolling out on the desktop. Google says it not yet, but it could happen over time and in the process of testing it.

You can listen to every update here.

SEO Weekly Update 10-13-2017

  • Over the weekend Google had a huge major update. All seo tools show big fluctuation.
  • Tuesday showed a major change to mobile search. All Graphic charts here show the changes.
  • Gary from Google said you could see how Google is using or test mobile by checking your ip address and changes in title and descriptions.
  • Google is using off site conversations about your website in their ranking factors.
  • Pruning content is not a good idea you should improve your content instead of no index or 301 redirects.
  • There is value in broken link building based on the content and value.
  • It it better to have comments on your website then social sites. You need the content and engagement on your website.
  • Google penguin in on autopilot and the search team is happy the way it is running so no update in awhile.
  • Google is going to be doing short SEO Q & A videos coming soon for Webmaster.
  • Black cat SEO is still alive and adapting to new ways to rank higher.

Google’s Algorithm Update 10-07-2017

Is your rankings bouncing around a lot over the last week? Well no need to panic because Google is making some huge changes to its Algorithm. Below is the heat map from Mozcast and as you can see it peaked last Friday night October 07 2017 and the SEO world is still trying to figure out what is Google up too.

SEO Mozcast update

My guess is the separation of desktop and mobile indexation. I have a few customers who have seen drops in their desk top ranking but increased rankings on mobile. Also, there is a huge push for https migration. Google over the last couple of months has been warning Webmaster about the importance of migrating your website to https. So if your rankings took a hit you might want to make sure your site is secure, and is meeting mobile index requirements. If, don’t know where to start an SEO Consultant can help guide you and do a full site assessment to check your website site structure.

A few tips that can help you bounce back after last weeks HUGE SEO update.

  1. Check your search console under the mobile section and see if your mobile ranking increase or decrease. If they are down test your site speed requirements. Slow site are seeing a dramatic drop in traffic.
  2. Trying adding AMP pages or articles to your website as SEO’s are seeing roughly 17% of all first page queries are AMP pages.

If you don’t know where to start and need assistance contact an expert I can help analyze your website issues.

SEO Weekly Update 10/06/17

  • Google says that in the future Webmaster won’t be getting an alert about upcoming Algorithm changes. John Muller says that they are updating all the time and large movement is a signal that they are updating search queries.
  • Google is now actively updating the mobile index. They say that last week they were testing mobile index in an array of search queries. No word on the type of queries and when it will be rolled out nationally.
  • Does your site have bad Grammar? Google says a site with bad Grammar is not being penalized by Google’s Algorithm.
  • Google is updating their crawl rate to show in Webmaster which images on your site are being crawled and how often.
  • Google plans to message Webmaster in search console warnings about their mobile presence.
  • Google has updated their local guidelines for My Business. The steps show how to get started and best practices.

What Does An SEO Consultant Do?

If you have an online business, the chance is you’re dealing with many optical trying to attract customers to your website. Your online presence needs to be attractive, easy to convert sales and accessible by search engines by potential site visitors. This why an SEO Consultant can help with Search Engine Optimization building a highly attractive site for visitors and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Your website position on Google and other popular search engines are based on the Google quality score. On-site layout, basic SEO, actual site content, mobile, site speed and internal links. Make sure that your website ranks on the first two pages of Google in critical and quality site content and significant inbound links will build your site domain authority increasing in search engine rankings.

The responsibility of SEO consultant is creating a website SEO strategy based on search keyword volume and phrase to support your brand and products that customer search. An SEO expert can guide the SEO strategy producing supporting pages to empower the website content further. This becomes part of the consultant’s job descriptions to promote and develop an authority website that solves the searcher intent.

The SEO process is ongoing and not easily achieved overnight as it takes time to see results. The truth is SEO will always be a vital roll in your online marketing budget. It is essential to keep up to date with Google ever-changing algorithms, or you can experience dramatically lose in organic rankings that is why it is important to meet with SEO consultant monthly to work on monthly website adjustment where necessary.

Most SEO Services will start implementing and making changes that help your website to become more attractive and delivery a better visitor experience. SEO freelancer aims to provide guidance on the intent of the search. Is your website answering the visitor’s reason for searching?

Hiring an SEO consultant is extremely beneficial to companies. It is cost efficient, as a business don’t need to hire within or pay to train current employees. This allows for businesses and management to focus on internal business needs that can meet the target budget corporate goals.

How to pick the right SEO Consultant to help increase your website rankings it is best to consider their SEO qualification can help with the decision. Some consultants specialize in optimizing ecommerce store, B to B, Health, and other industries. Most important is their work background and the positive results they have achieved. Consider speaking with one or two SEO consultant before making the hirer. Ask them about pricing; get a quote and timeline to finish the job. What is their strategy for increasing your website rankings? Do they have a good understanding of Google’s algorithmic penalty and how to make the necessary changes to remove them?

Weekly SEO Update 09/29/17

  1. There was a major algorithm changes last week. All week long there has been a lot chatter within the SEO community about https.
  2. If you are using multiple websites to spam Google, don’t verify them in search console.
  3. Google is serving more amp page in Mobile a 17% spike in the US in mobile search results.
  4. There are different competition across the various countries in search results.
  5. Google said if you are going to move your website over to https it is best to move the entire site over at once not one page at a time. This way Google can find your site faster.
  6. Google has expanded the search call in mobile search. Click to call
  7. Google search console beta is updating the way you can export reports.

Why hire an SEO Consultant Vs Marketing Agency?

Over the years I’ve had multiple clients ask me why I should hire an SEO Consultant Vs. Marketing Agency? My answer is always the same, did you traffic and keywords ranking increase and most of the time they can’t say yes. Why is that you may be asking?

Well below are a few important reasons why an SEO Consultant is the right choice when you want to grow your online business.


If you are working with the right consultant responsibility is essential to the working relationship. Guiding a client to make the necessary changes to fixe the issues hindering their online presence is a common problem. Agencies tend to take the high road and make the customer happy and avoid the real problems which lead to no growth and more money out of your pocket.


Everyone these days says they are a consultant or an expert, but in my experience, there are only a few SEO experts. So do your research and ask questions before hiring a consultant. Ask to see a customer list, read reviews, and read through their qualifications. Now, if you have hired a qualified consultant, there is a big difference between working with someone fresh out school or who’s only had a few years in the business. Most experts should have at least 10 or more years working in SEO. Remember you get what you pay for and yes there is senior level position in the agency, but you don’t get access to them often.


We live in a world today where everything is automated to speed up the process, and that is what you get from an agency. Random automated reports that show up in your inbox displaying a website score that was meant to scare you into using their services. But, the truth is it can take hours doing a professional SEO website audit. There are many factors in why your site isn’t ranking high in search results and consultant will analyze your site based on Google’s key ranking factors based on panda’s quality score.


Who do you trust? That is the deciding factor when choosing whether to hire an SEO Consultant Vs. Marketing agency. If you have experienced both, I would like to hear your feedback below. Or if you have worked with either one, please leave a comment.