White Hat SEO is colloquially to refer to as safe, legit, or sustainable SEO practices, that you probably “should concentrate on”. That’s really it! “Good SEO”. White Hat SEO, Explained What Google wants you to do instead is “prepare” your content in a way that helps THEM organize it better. Really, what they have done, […]

● Is there evidence of low-quality main content? What you are looking for is whether there are a high number of webpages on the website that have very little helpful information on them. There are a couple of ways to do this: Examine the examples they provide of “Indexed, very low interest” pages. If there […]

Google uses content previews, including text snippets along with other media, to help people decide whether or not a result is relevant for their query. The kind of preview shown depends on many factors, including the type of material a person is looking for and the type of device they are seeing it on. For […]

Recently Michael Cottam wrote a blog post about how you can identify spammy or SEO attacks which can cause algorithmic penalty from Google. You can read more about his findings here. But, sorting our spammy backlinks is time-consuming so, I decided to show how to use an excel spreadsheet to fastly sort out links that […]

On the web, as in life, the only continuous rule is that nothing is constant and all things must change. However, on the web, when things will need to change, or, in our situation, move, specifically from 1 URL to another, there are crucial best practices to observe. Let us first assume that you have […]

This document also claims that displaying that a high degree of experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) is among the most crucial qualities of high-quality content. Then on Aug. 1, Google published an overall algorithm update that did not include certain recommendations. However, SEO pros analyzed website performance following the update and speculated that sites using […]

SEMrush Sensor is indicating a lot of changes in the rankings. This may be a sign of a Google Update. Below are industries where they are seeing fluctuation.

In case you missed this year MozCon SEO conference! Here is a quick recap where I think SEO is going. In 10 + years working as an SEO, there is still one major ranking factor in ranking well. Quality websites rank high because they solve search intent. We as SEO for years have been complicating […]

It’s incredibly frustrating. You spend countless hours plus a whole lot of cash to construct a gorgeous website. And then you watch, day after day, as the site receives very few visits and makes a very small gain. You have noticed that compelling content and a searchable website can earn you top search engine rankings. […]

Dejan posted a Twitter poll the other day and it received almost 600 responses from inside the SEO community. The question was”Great UX affects positions.” Just 6% of people who filled out the poll said UX, site user experience, did not have some effect on a site’s Google rankings. So 94 percent of SEOs think […]