18 Basic SEO Tips 2019

The website is crawlable by Google
☑ Meta robots tag lets crawling
Ensuring that your meta robots tag permits crawling is very important.

☑ Robots.txt does not disallow crawling
You need to make sure let’s state this webpage is not disallowing this URL in your robots.txt.

☑ URL – Sitemap
Make sure all URL that you want to show in search results are in your sitemap.

☑ Internal hyperlinks pointing to a page with organic anchor text
So let us say I’m trying to position for dog treats. Perhaps I am on a puppy site, and I wish to be sure I have other inner pages connecting to dog treats page together with the anchor text dog bites, or even pet treats and making sure I’m showing Google this is an internally connected page.

You want to make sure your website is secure and that Google is considering that as well.

☑ Responsive cellular design and hyperlinks
Super crucial with all the mobile-first indexing that your site is easy to navigate and meet Google guidelines on mobile.

☑ Clear CTA
A good deal of pages overlooks this. Visible CTA is vital to have.”Buy Now, Learn More or Contact US” link or button. Google up weight on a clear action for each page.

☑ Multimedia: Examine SERP and include desirable media
Are you currently supplying other beneficial media types? Are there any video and images along with distinct kinds of content on your webpage?

☑ Page rate: use CDNs, compress pictures, utilize a trusted hosting
Are you checking the page speed? Are you using CDNs? Are you compressing your images? You want to review all of that. Ensure that visitor can access your page quickly.

☑ Unique, high-quality articles
Are you currently supplying high-quality content? Therefore, if you visit Google and you search”pet treats” review the top ranking pages and make sure you have similar copy and pages.

☑ Optimize for a purpose: Assess SERP and PPC, notice which SERP attributes appear. You need to additionally optimize for your use. So you would like to appraise that SERP. If this search result page is revealing tons of pictures or perhaps videos, then you ought to be integrating that into your webpage also, because that is what people are searching for.

☑ Title meta descriptions
Title tags and meta description are still very important. The first impression to many of your searcher.  Entice them to click to your site?

☑ Header Meta Tags
Header tags are still important H1, H2, and H3 . You want to match your H1 with your Title tag.

☑ Images: compress, title file names, add alt text
Image are the biggest factor to slowing your website down so, compress and optimize images keeping page speed fast and provide a better experice for the users.

☑ Freshness
Rewrite old content to keep your website content fresh and update. You want to do this every month or so. Google perfers update content.

☑ Optimize pictures: compress, name file titles, add alt text
Photographs are the most important source for search-engine site rate. So you would like to be sure your pictures are optimized and compressed and maintaining your webpage quickly and readily accessible to your customers.

☑ Include frequently asked questions
It is such a simple thing to do, but it is widely overlooked. Keyword Tools include a top filter which offers a number of their most commonly asked questions to get a keyword phrase. I strongly advise you to check out
that and begin to integrate a number of these to get featured snippets.

☑ Flesch-Kincaid Readability Evaluation
What’s the readability of the page? The simpler it is to see the higher, but you would like to keep a watch out for that generally.