Developing An SEO Friendly Website

Developing an SEO friendly website can be achieved when you follow Information Architecture. What is information architecture? The image below illustrates the higher archy architecture strategy. Can define main navigation. Can influence URL structures. Develops category hierarchy. Can affect content development.

SEO Friendly Website

Image from Joe Hall Mozcon 2016.

Following this chart flow and you will likely avoid:

  • Increased likelihood for duplicated content and taxonomies.
  • Poor internal linking
  • Distributed topical authority
  • Confusing or incomplete main navigation
  • Overall lower user experience

Start your website SEO architecture around your main selling points and what you plan to accomplish with your site. Incorporate popular ideas within the industry to drive buzz. Create your pages based off the bottom of the sale funnel. Content based on broad user intent that will convert to customers. Support those pages with Subject pages. This will defines the relationship between content in separate sections. Grows internal linking organically. Can act as secondary navigation. Can grow and change over time.

Combine the following onto a fewer pages.

  • Blog posts/articles
  • Evergreen content
  • Targeted user intent
  • Follow traditional sales funnel

Information architecture is the opposite of how we’ve been building website over the last decade. Google is ranking sites lower with lots of duplicates and useless content that cause confusion to the user. Try condensing your site and follow information architecture and tell me how your ranking improve.