How To Get Featured Snippets In Google Search.

If you haven’t watched a Whiteboard Fridays by Rand Fishkin, I highly recommend you do. This week he’s speaking about featured rich snippets in google search.

You might be asking yourself how do I go about getting them? Well first you must know the three types of rich snippets in Google search.

1. Paragraph format: A rich snippet in paragraph format are the most common snippets you’ll see in search. Usually, it answers a question in the search query.

Example of paragraph snippets
2. Tables: These snippets show research that has been done a particular subject. These tend to be the least common snippets showing up in the search results.
3. List: Building a list of steps for searchers to follow. Below; How to strengthen my lower back.

example list feature snippets

To learn more watch the video because there is a lot of information about how to research keywords to generate snippets. The last tip, search long tail keywords in your industry and see where you can create rich snippets on your website.

If you are already ranking for them I would like to hear about it.