Google Is Updating Their Algorithm 06/30/2017

Starting on the 25th of June Google search queries or organic search results are jumping all over the place and there is no work yet from Google what is happening but a trusted source Michael Cottman believes: “My theory:  there’s a new ranking factor (like maybe some form of user engagement) that is factoring into the algorithm, but for terms that aren’t searched thousands of times a month, they don’t have engagement data yet for those terms, hence the bouncing around.”

I currently have had one client top keyword “Booklet Printing” go from 2 to nowhere to be found for a day or so and then resurface in the same position

SEO Change 06/29/2017

My advice and other SEO’s would be don’t make any radical changes. I’d let this settle out, and see where everyone is at in a few weeks.  Google did make another big change a month or two ago that had a strong impact on many sites (positive and negative); then after a few weeks, seemed to reverse that change entirely.

If, you are having the same issues let me know and I can teach you a few tips how to deal with this issue.