Google Continues To Change Their Ranking Algorithm

Are your search search queries bouncing around in the last couple of weeks? Well, if so, it could be that Google is changing signals to their ranking algorithm but what signals is it? You can read Google response by John Mueller here.

SEO Ranking Changes

A good resource to check daily fluctuation in the algorithm is mozcast. Here you can see the increase and decrease in search queries. This is important to track because you’ll want to analyze your search queries for that week. Did you your ranking move up or down. Until Google announce what they are testing it is a good idea to keep in mind how it affects your website. So when they do announce their changes you’ll know how to optimize your site.

calendar rankings

Here is one of my client sites. We’ve moved from 3rd to 1 for the search query “Calendar Printing.” But, not all of my client moved up some lost rankings. Did you see ranking changes?