Google November Search Algorithm Update 2018

November 2018 Google algorithm has been very active so if you have seeing decline in search ranking there are few factors to consider. Google during this time frame released an update to their page speed insight report and 2 days later launch the beta website called  . Now, I’ve done the research with client’s sites to see if there is any correlation between the algorithm update, site speed, and the beta website. I can say yes. Below shows the movement in the algorithm during this time of client’s traffic decline.

google's update November 2018

Google Page Speed Insight & Update

Google at the same time update page speed insight report. Below is a client’s score using the page speed tool. Has you can see it is 3 out 100. Before the update to the software, My client website speed was in the mid-’70s. This client lost about 20% of their traffic overnight. This is only one example of a dozen clients who had Good speed and now have very poor scores. So, if you have lost traffic check your site speed. But there is more to the madness.

page speed insight update is in the beta testing stage but I have a strong feeling the algorithm update, site speed, and test site are tied together. How? Well, Google is calling it lighthouse. Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any web page, public or requiring authentication. It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, and more. Every client that had low scores in the accessibility and best practice lost traffic and clients with higher scores ranking increase or held steady.

Site speed and accessibility go hand in hand.

If Google can’t crawl your website it can’t access the content and measure the quality of your page. This cause slower site speed and a bad user experience which will always end up with declining traffic. Now if you have been paying attention to Google’s Guidelines they have been saying for years to build websites that they can access all the elements. But, in most cases website these days are build using plugins and third-party widgets that can’t be accessed by Google.

Here is the final conclusion November algorithm update is about website access. How do you fix it?  Check your website using the beta tool and identify code changes. Check-in search console how your website pages render. Google will show you and tell which pieces of code they can’t access. If you need help I can audit your website and guide you through the process. Contact me today.