Google’s Algorithm Changes September 9th & 11th 2018

Google’s Algorithm Changes September 9th & 11th 2018 has had positive and negative impacts depending on the target industry. There’re constant and massive tremors on Google search results, suggesting a significant algorithm update. It’s time to check if your site is going up/down. A great place to start check whether your website was impacted is to follow these few simple steps.

Google's algorithm changes

  1. Check your core keywords: Too few often clients complain about their overall keyword decrease over the week or month. But honestly, that doesn’t mean you were impacted by the algorithm change. If your core keywords slip I would agree it had an impact on your website. Most of the time when keywords decline I see positive ranking in core keywords.
  2. Check your indexation: Did your indexation increase or decline? If it declined the algorithm probably impact your website and it best that you start identifying your main pages that need to be index. Google doesn’t need to know about every page on your website. The myth behind the sitemap is to have every page in it but that is not correct. Read more about setting up a sitemap.
  3. Check your site speed: I can’t harp on this topic enough Google is all about speed. The faster your site the higher you will rank. I find your website is below your industry level you were impacted by the algorithm change.
  4. Check your competition: Did your competition ranking decrease? There is a lot of Good tool like SEM Rush to name one that will show which industries are winning and losing during the algorithm changes. If you find your industry being impacted negatively research the top 3 websites by checking their speed, backlink profile and etc.

Now if you feel your website has been effect by September Changes contact me so I can identify where your site is being impacted. Google’s is always changing so it is best to follow best practice on the page and off which I can show you when you request a website audit and work with SEO Consultant.