Google’s Algorithm Update 10-07-2017

Is your rankings bouncing around a lot over the last week? Well no need to panic because Google is making some huge changes to its Algorithm. Below is the heat map from Mozcast and as you can see it peaked last Friday night October 07 2017 and the SEO world is still trying to figure out what is Google up too.

SEO Mozcast update

My guess is the separation of desktop and mobile indexation. I have a few customers who have seen drops in their desk top ranking but increased rankings on mobile. Also, there is a huge push for https migration. Google over the last couple of months has been warning Webmaster about the importance of migrating your website to https. So if your rankings took a hit you might want to make sure your site is secure, and is meeting mobile index requirements. If, don’t know where to start an SEO Consultant can help guide you and do a full site assessment to check your website site structure.

A few tips that can help you bounce back after last weeks HUGE SEO update.

  1. Check your search console under the mobile section and see if your mobile ranking increase or decrease. If they are down test your site speed requirements. Slow site are seeing a dramatic drop in traffic.
  2. Trying adding AMP pages or articles to your website as SEO’s are seeing roughly 17% of all first page queries are AMP pages.

If you don’t know where to start and need assistance contact an expert I can help analyze your website issues.