How to measure SEO KPI’s.

I’ve been asked this question multiple times in recent months; what are SEO Key Performance Indicators?  And here is my answer. What are your success factors on SEO besides selling a product? Tell me what your company wants to accomplish and I’ll explain how to measure KPI’s. This is a common problem with companies and small businesses. They’re using Search engine optimization for all the wrong reason and that is why they can’t come up with measurable KPI’s.

Success Factors

Match your success factors to an actual metrics and behaviors that you can measure using KPI’s. For Example, if you’re trying to measure traffic, then what is the KPI you want to track? Is it brand voice, rankings, sales, or clicks? Try these few KPI suggestions based on common SEO success factors.

  • If you want measure organic brand voice awareness, a couple of KPI’s to measure such as reach, and exposure. Who’s receiving your message and far is it spreading?
  • If you want to increase CTR “Click Through Rates” engagement, traffic to pages, bounce rates, and time on page. How often are people engaging with your content?
  • Do you want more organic traffic to a website, track long tail keywords, clicks, and conversions? Are people discovering your site and what do they do when they’re on the website?
  • Is your goal to increase SEO brand voice or popularity, then track your competition. How is your organic conversation around your industry or product about your brand?

So, my long answers to a short question; what are SEO KPI’s? Come up with measurable success factors and you’ll be able to measure your organic search success using KPI’s.