Importance of Image Alt Tags

If there is one technical aspect that most companies and small businesses neglect often is the importance of image alt tags. Adding keywords based on search volume is an old SEO technique that has proven to boost search results. So why are alt tags missing on so many websites these days? My answer is adding image alt tags is time-consuming and it is a lost SEO practice. But, you can’t overlook the low hanging keyword opportunity to rank in search engines by adding relevant tags to your website’s images. Below is a client alt tag strategy for catalog printing.

Each image on the site is assigned to the keyword we are trying to rank for and a brief description of the image. Google will reward your ranking’s by adding descriptive tags to images.

    • set ALT text to:
      • “Catalog printing binding options – spiral binding”
      • “Catalog printing binding options – wire-O binding”
      • “Catalog printing binding options – perfect binding”
  • on the ideas and examples tab, add ALT text to the images like this (work “catalog” into some of them, “catalog printing” into others:
    • “Download catalog printing white paper guide”
    • “Top tips for catalogs that sell”
    • “Fresco Fabrics catalogs case study”
    • “Alpine Innovations catalog flipbook”
    • “Easy design tips for catalogs”
    • etc.
  • on the Free Templates tab, add ALT text to the images like this:
    • “Catalog printing template – Wilson and Bell”
    • “Catalog printing template – football”
    • etc.
  • on the predesigned templates image, add ALT text: “Predesigned catalog printing templates at a glance”
  • in the Independent Customer Reviews section, change the subheading of “Catalogs” to “Catalog Printing”
  • in the Online Design tab, add ALT text to the images:
    • “Free online catalog design tool – select a theme”
    • “Free online catalog design tool – edit your project”
    • “Examples of catalogs designed using our online design tool”

By the way, my client is number 1 for “catalog printing” If you need help building an image alt tag strategy don’t hesitate to contact SEO Expert.