MozCon 2019 SEO Recap

In case you missed this year MozCon SEO conference! Here is a quick recap where I think SEO is going. In 10 + years working as an SEO, there is still one major ranking factor in ranking well. Quality websites rank high because they solve search intent. We as SEO for years have been complicating it with big words, portraying our selves as Google scientist. Websites that ranking high in your industry have EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. I recommend checking out Marie Haynes website and sign up for her newsletter as she does an excellent job teaching you about EAT. Below are a few topics discussed at this year’s MozCon and they all fall under EAT.

MozCon 2019 SEO
2019 MozCon Recap
  1. Local Search was a hot topic, and it should be as Google is losing the E-commerce game. Google has to focus on local Search because more people are using Amazon and other platforms to buy now. If you want to rank high locally concentrate on accuracy, getting quality backlinks, and your services. Become the expert in your industry and tell Google and customers why you are best at what you do. Don’t always focus on the hard sell.
  2. Backlinks are still relevant and will never go away. But the way you go about getting links has not changed either. Don’t waste your time getting lots of links from spammy companies or emails your receive saying they can get a link on high Domain Authority websites. Instead, take your time and personally reach out to sites you would like to partner with. Another right way to get links is to create content that is shareable in your industry niche. Yes, this takes time, but you have to remember it’s about quality links.
  3. Technical SEO at this year’s MozCon can be a lot of things. But it boils down to the quality professional website. Make sure your webiste is fast, and Google can crawl your content so it can be indexed. Don’t confuse Google with duplication, and if you have a large website hirer an expert who can make sure you are correctly using SEO tags that can help Google understand which pages to index and not. Start working with a developer who understands why SEO is essential.
  4. Content Creation is king right. We all heard this before, and it is still king. Don’t waste your time adding pages to your website or blog if it is not well thought out. Make sure you write it as an expert in your industry. The day’s of higher companies to write your content is gone. Google wants the expert to write, and they may be you or you need to hire one. Invest money in SEO content is the top priority especially if you are YMYL website.
  5. Rich Snippets and Q&A’s are Google way of keeping a visitor on their platform. Dr. Pet Meyer’s, as usual, has great insight on these topics. I would not waste a lot of time worrying about rich snippets and how-to content as Google does want the Searcher to visit your website. Q&A’s are Google way of figuring out what other information can they server around a search query. They are collecting data to help them better serve search intent.
  6. Mobile First is the primary for crawling and indexing. If you have not noticed in search console the message from google informing you when your website started to be indexing for Mobile. Stop focusing your SEO efforts for desktop and start thinking about mobile search queries. Even though a lot of searches on mobile don’t lead to clicks. Start focusing on knowledge graphs and informative information. Build brand recognition or topical mind marketing to increase direct traffic.

Now another MozCon has come to end. I’ve personally have enjoyed the conferences, but if you have been following SEO for awhile not much has changed except Google has changed their philosophy and business model do to losses of revenue. Do you blame them? No! But if you want to rank higher, follow Google’s guidelines, and create a website with search intent.