Panda & Penguin Update

Google is continuing to update Panda & Penguin algorithms. Just last month Google announced that each algorithm was on autopilot and they were pleased with their results providing the quality website in search results. For those who don’t know what panda is or penguin, I’m going to write a brief description of each. Feel free to contact me for more information or read about each algorithm here.

Panda is Google’s way for them to decide whether your website is an authoritative topical website. The algorithm gives your website a quality score base on content, site layout, errors and duplicate issues. All of these can hurt your search rankings if neglected.

Penguin is Google’s way of catching Black Hat Link Building SEO techniques. If Google decides your backlink profile is spammy your site can disappear from search results. You will know if your website is effect by receiving a manual action penalty in search console. To recover is time-consuming and requires that you perform a disavow file.

Why is this important that Google is still updating both algorithms? Here is a short answer to a complicated question. I’ve witnessed first-hand companies and small business losses everything from both manual action penalties. Google doesn’t care whether you win or losses. They are in business providing the best website for thousands of search queries. That is why it is important that you don’t take your website’s present lightly. Working with an SEO Expert will help you avoid either algorithm from affecting your search results. Google is changing all the time and you don’t a have time to worry about their next steps but I do.

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