SEO Tips April 15th Update

More from Google on whether E-A-T is a ranking factor

Google has a blog post, published in August of 2019, called, “What webmasters should know about Google’s core updates”. The post got a lot of attention, but mostly because Google linked out to several SEOs’ articles on E-A-T, including our own.

We have maintained for over three years now, that E-A-T is vitally important part of many of Google’s algorithms. Yet many SEOs are hung up on the semantics surrounding whether or not it should be considered a ranking factor.

We noticed that Google updated their blog post to include the following paragraph:

Google has told us that “assessing your own content in terms of E-A-T criteria may help align it conceptually with the different signals that our automated systems use to rank content.” It is very important!

Google algorithm experts discuss recent volatility on Search Engine Land

This was a really interesting discussion. Marie joined Olga Andrienko from SEMRush, Peter Myers from Moz, and Mordy Oberstein from Rank Ranger in a roundtable discussion led by Barry Schwartz. The discussion centered around trying to decipher what is happening with Google’s algorithms during the pandemic.


SEO Tips

Paddy Moogan has made his link building book free

This epic 22 chapter book is now available online for free to webmasters downloadable as a PDF. You can find everything from the basics, what makes a link good vs. bad, planning and executing your initiatives, handy tools to use, and much more!

Local SEO – Google SERP Changes

‘View more locations’ showing in the 3-pack

Kudos to Jason Brown for spotting this one. He says that the view more locations button leads you to the local finder and can be seen on a variety of queries. Ben Fisher noted that he’s been seeing this as well on a wide range of queries and believe this is slowly rolling out.

Local SEO – Tips

In case you missed it, here are the features and updates for a variety of platforms you need to be aware of related to COVID-19

We’ve covered a variety of summaries in recent weeks for all things webmasters should be aware of in the local space, but this resource from Milestone should be BOOKMARKED for safe keeping. It expertly outlines what you should know about — and take action on — regarding your GMB, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Bing, Apple Maps, Facebook, and Foursquare profiles as it relates to COVID-19. Do not miss this one!