SEO Update 09/22/17

  1. 2 Algorithm update on google search happened Saturday and Wed the 20th of September. There had been chatter good and bad results so, best to check your rankings in Google Search Console.
  2. Search tool like Moz cast is getting it right according to Google when there is movement in the SEO algorithm.
  3. Google says they don’t have a top 3 signals. It depends on the search query and the type keywords searched. Long tail keywords are different than high volume and locally is about freshness and industries with a lot of spam the search results change a lot.
  4. Google says they still don’t use click data for search results.
  5. Shopping Cart abandon rate is not a ranking factor.
  6. Google does not review all spam reports.
  7. Google says they don’t use disavow files part of their search results. It helps them find link farms and ignore links to your site.
  8. Google says as long as your site is responsive you are fine for the upcoming mobile index
  9. Don’t forget to agree to Google new ad word terms or your ads will be paused.

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