SEO Weekly Update 10-13-2017

  • Over the weekend Google had a huge major update. All seo tools show big fluctuation.
  • Tuesday showed a major change to mobile search. All Graphic charts here show the changes.
  • Gary from Google said you could see how Google is using or test mobile by checking your ip address and changes in title and descriptions.
  • Google is using off site conversations about your website in their ranking factors.
  • Pruning content is not a good idea you should improve your content instead of no index or 301 redirects.
  • There is value in broken link building based on the content and value.
  • It it better to have comments on your website then social sites. You need the content and engagement on your website.
  • Google penguin in on autopilot and the search team is happy the way it is running so no update in awhile.
  • Google is going to be doing short SEO Q & A videos coming soon for Webmaster.
  • Black cat SEO is still alive and adapting to new ways to rank higher.

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