SEO Weekly Update 10/06/17

  • Google says that in the future Webmaster won’t be getting an alert about upcoming Algorithm changes. John Muller says that they are updating all the time and large movement is a signal that they are updating search queries.
  • Google is now actively updating the mobile index. They say that last week they were testing mobile index in an array of search queries. No word on the type of queries and when it will be rolled out nationally.
  • Does your site have bad Grammar? Google says a site with bad Grammar is not being penalized by Google’s Algorithm.
  • Google is updating their crawl rate to show in Webmaster which images on your site are being crawled and how often.
  • Google plans to message Webmaster in search console warnings about their mobile presence.
  • Google has updated their local guidelines for My Business. The steps show how to get started and best practices.