Weekly SEO Update 09/15/2017

This week SEO update Google has officially said click through rate is a ranking signal.

  1. Google Brain Rank this week in Canada said click data is a signal for search rankings – Machine learn is tracking how long and what action they do as a ranking signal.
  2. Google search console updated rich card snippet for Job listing in the report section.
  3.  Google Killed off Mobile fetch apps in search console. They say firebase is where you index your app.
  4. New google search console beta is still in the works.
  5. Google mobile index is coming sooner then we all think as of last night the wrote a blog post about how to properly migrate your site to mobile responsive.
  6. Google says 404 uses up your crawl budget so if you have a lot of 404’s it is a good Idea to clean them up. Your crawl budget it part of your crawl bandwidth.
  7. Google want us to ignore the Google cache date in search results.
  8. Google turned off the Q & A feature on local search results.
  9. Google ad words is testing click to text feature for advertisers.

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