Weekly SEO Update 10/27/17

1. The past 24 to 48-hour chatter by SEO experts about Google algorithm changes. Not seeing mobile vs. desktop but you might want to keep a close eye on your ranking this weekend.
2. Google mobile index in live and there are few queries already separated. It will always be changing over time.
3. Google keep promising us with more information in search console, and they don’t know when the beta will roll out.
4. Purring content as never help your site getting out of panda.
5. Johne muller said you should focus on duplicate content but put more time into making your website better for visitors.
6. Google is starting to us the ask box more and more in desktop search results.
7. The link report is not real time in search console.
8. Google local seams to be rolling out on the desktop. Google says it not yet, but it could happen over time and in the process of testing it.

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