Weekly SEO Update: Sep-08-2018

1.Alorgrith shift, webmaster tool, noticed traffic up and down late last night. Moz and SEM Rush tool show major changes.

2.Algorithm in local search possum may have been updated on the  August 22nd Dealing with spam local pack

3.Google has opened up the beta testing for the new search console. There are new tools for index and not index pages.

4.Google if you want to be ready for Mobile index coming soon making sure your mobile pages are ready. How does your mobile page different from your desk top.

5. Google AMP is now powering feature snippets on Mobile but not on desktop.

6. AMP landing pages for Ad word is coming soon. Makes your landing pages much faster and easier to convert.

7. Google says they are now ignoring tons of links. We don’t know exactly what links they are ignoring.

8. Google, says just because you are doing white hat SEO doesn’t mean you are going to rank higher.

9. Plus 1 increased rankings? Google says no it doesn’t effect ranking, but we are starting to see changes with the plus one.

10. Google starting guide is still relevant so, follow the step when starting out.

11. App indexing is now showing up in articles.

More in-depth review.