What The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means For SEO “how to take advantage”.

If you are a company that is thinking of cutting your SEO budget during this national crisis I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t. But instead, now is the time to take advantage of the situation and gain market share.

First off remember everyone is dealing with economic slowdown but Google is not stopping their operations. Last week Google update the algorithm during a time when every American is struggling to go work or even keep their doors open. Keep in mind one day this will all be over and we will all go back to work. In the meantime follow this SEO strategy and be ready to rank higher once this all settles down.

Start off by working on technical issues that have been put on the back burner for the last couple of months. I have personally audited hundreds of websites in the last few years and they all have technical issues that companies don’t want to address. Mostly due to time restraints and the return investment.

Technical Issue:

  • Image Alt Tags: sounds simple but most website neglect this fundamental element that increase ranking.
  • Removing background images so that Google can crawl all images on the website.
  • Rename Image URL’s with proper keywords
  • Remove white space so content can appear higher above the fold
  • Make sure all HTML content is visible to Google
  • Check for proper 404 HTTP response code
  • Canonical subdomain: Check for proper canonical set up and duplicate subdomains.
  • DNS health
  • Review all schema and work on fixing all errors
  • Remove duplicate meta descriptions or missing
  • Now the time to produce content as your main competitor mostly will be cutting budgets. Google is still about fresh content and what is new.


  • Blog weekly because now is the time to produce content as your competitors are cut budgets and slowing down.
  • Update old content, by reviewing page view in Google analytic “target pages with lower than 100 new visitors in the last year.
  • Content Gap, add new pages that your competitor have on their website
  • Rewrite or update your home content with new update content as your audience will change once we all go back to work.
  • Work on video that can be implemented to your top queries pages
  • Work on rich snippets in basic HTML form <p></p>. Most snippets are pulled in this basic formate.
  • Add FAQ’s to the website using Schema markup
  • Adding How to, if they apply to your audience
  • Write PDF that can help your audience pain points or top keywords in once place. Guides or Checklist.
  • Time to start link building. As the economy slows down so does outreaching. You might find it easier to contact website owners.


  • Target your competitor links
  • Reach out to a website that once were impossible to get a link from “without paying”
  • Create content around the slow economy that view might find important and worthy of sharing
  • Reach to community members about how your company can help and service
  • Find local industries to partner with
  • Learn about Search Console. Take advantage of how search console can give you great insight into how your website is performing. The most underutilized tool by most companies.

    Search Console :

  • Backlinks check as you understand links point to your website in search console are the only links passing authority to your website
  • URL inspection, start making sure Google can crawl your content by testing all pages
  • Coverage, start checking your page coverages and crawl anomaly “these pages Google is rather indexing or not based on duplicate or improper rel canonicals.
  • Search queries, look at the overall position and whether your main keywords are showing rich snippets
  • Mobile friendly is your site passing Mobile
  • Website speed, it is important that your website is showing moderate speed
  • Being proactive will pay off and help you gain market share.