Google’s SEO Algorithm History

Google’s SEO algorithm history incomplete order from 2015 to the present time in July 2017. As you know Google uses multiple algorithms in each search query. I’ve gone out of the way to publish a list so my clients will have an understanding. A complete list of 2018 and 2021.

December 3/4 – This Google-announced core update is showing massive impacts. Early data suggests it is likely much bigger than the May 4 core update. The biggest changes were seen across the industry on December 4, 2020, but Google did not announce this update had finished rolling out until December 16, 2020

May 4, 2020: Announced Core Update. Google has told us that this update is connected to E-A-T, linking to their post on core updates. This update has affected a large number of websites strongly.

  • July 1, 2021The July Core Update is part 2 of the core update launched in June.Now live. Many sites have seen a significant impact from this update. Google announced that some sites saw changes in June, as they stated in the announcement about their June core update.These may be reversedThis July update. Although we have heard of cases where this has happened, the majority of our data shows sites that did well with the June core update also saw improvements with July core. The same is true for sites that are in financial trouble. Many clients have seen positive changes with the July core update and June core. We will soon have an article about the progress of these sites. We recommend that you read Google’s blog post if this update has affected you.What site owners should know about core updates.
  • June 15, 2021On this day, the Page Experience Update (Core Web Vitals plus more) began rolling out. Google claims it won’t beFully rolled out up to August. This update includesCore Web Vitals(LCP, FID, and CLS), mobile useability, security issues, and other matters. Google claims that the update will not bring about any major changes and will be implemented slowly. Many SEOs think that this update won’t be major. We recommend that you do all you can to increase your Core Web Vitals and green score in GSC. This update removes the requirement for AMP to rank in Google News.
  • June 2, 2012 – 12, 2021Core update for June 2021The 2nd of each month was announcedHowever, most sites didn’t see any movement until the 5th-7th of June. On June 12, the update was completed. Google also announced that it will release a second core update in July 2021. This update will contain elements that were subject to more scrutiny before they are released. The July core update will be reversed for a “small sliver of” sites that have seen changes to the June core. Google recommends that you pay attention to their blog post if this update affected you.What webmasters need to know about core updates. This core update was not intended to be a major.NotUpdated page experience (core web vitals + other)
  • April 8, 2021 (and rolling to complete on April 22, 2021).Google has announced theUpdate on product reviewsGo live. This update promotes content that reviews products and services. Google’s goal for this update is to encourage product reviews that include in-depth research and not thin content that summarizes a bunch products. Most sites who approached us believing that the update to product reviews had affected them have actually been experiencing declines since before the change was made. Marie has been discussing this extensively in recent weeks.
  • May 13-15th, 2021We observed a shift in many of the SERPS that we monitored again. It is not clear if this is a minor Google update or a normal ranking change. Danny Sullivan was asked.said“We have small updates that occur all the time. As any update could, they can cause changes. Content is constantly changing and ranking is dynamic. This can cause changes, even if there were no updates. Numerous sites reported significant traffic changes at this point. Google may have made an important update here. Notably, sites with unnatural links that were previously subject to a manual action are losing more sites than usual. This is a sign that you are concerned about the safety of your site.WasA link-related update: It is less likely that Google penalized websites for unnatural links and more likely that Google just got better at determining which hyperlinks to count as recommendations.

2019 Updates

June 2019 Core Update  —  June 3, 2019


Google pre-announced a “core” update, but with limited details. Sites impacted in previous core updates seem to have been affected, in some cases, and some major UK publishers reported heavy losses. On average, the impact was smaller than the August “Medic” update, as measured by MozCast.

Indexing Bugs  —  May 23, 2019


Two days in a row, Google confirmed indexing bugs. The first bug reportedly was preventing new content from being properly indexed. MozCast confirmed unusually high SERP flux from May 23-25 (peaking on the 23rd), but it’s unclear if this was directly related to the bugs.