Hire An SEO Expert

Monthly Online Training 

$300 Mo

Start Learn SEO Now

SEO Training

Each week we meet via shared screen for an hour. I teach you all about SEO from write SEO content, backlinking strategies, code issues, website speed, schema and other techniques. After a few months working with me, you'll be an SEO pro. 

Monthly Consulting

$500 Mo

Start-Ups / Small Businesses & Corporation Guidance 

Extension Of Your Team

I become your SEO expert on a Monthly base. Multiple calls weekly and daily emails interaction answering all questions you and your team may have. Why hire an in-house SEO specialist when I can provide the support you need to make the right SEO decision. 

My Team Monthly Services 

$1,500 Mo

We handle all your Monthly SEO

SEO Agency

Don't have the time, know-how or the manpower to handle your daily SEO. My team can handle it all. 

Content creation, backlinking, technical issues and more.