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Marketing and SEO – the two are often used interchangeably, but what’s the real story behind these key business concepts? While both marketing and SEO matter when it comes to overall business success, one of these is an in-house project while the other is a job for a consultant or an agency.

Professional support can really be a game changer when it comes to SEO because so much of the detail work needs to be hand entered or implemented. SEO consultants can boost your local rankings, spot duplicate content issues, assess keyword usage, and eliminate manual penalties and black-hat links. DIY site builders can’t do any of that.

High-value linking, of course, goes in both directions, but if you’re not sure whether your current links fit the white hat mold, don’t worry. An SEO consultant can fix any white hat links so that they support your site's rankingwhile weeding out those pesky black hat connections.

SEO expert Aaron Rains explains that there’s no fast fix when your website is being penalized by Google. Ranking on the first page of Google can increase your revenue, so if you’re being hit with penalties, it’s important to diagnose it before attempting to apply a solution that may not fit.

If your client gets hit with penalties, you’ll need an SEO expert to help them recover. Expert SEO consultant Aaron Rains helps his clients climb out of Google’s penalty box, but makes it clear that there’s no fast fix. The repair is “an ongoing process and Google is in the business of ranking websites that follows best practices and plays by their rules.”

“Web design and SEO are entirely separate, despite perceptions to the contrary,” Aaron Rains of the eponymous Aaron Rains SEO notes. “Understanding what makes an SEO-friendly site is a key to link-building, for embedding video, and during overall site audits.”

SEO consultants like Aaron Rains of Aaron Rains SEO agree. However, it’s imperative that businesses work closely with experts in the field to understand what’s happening at both a micro and macro level in the SEO industry.

A word of caution to designers, though: When you build a site centered on animation and action, it’s easy to overlook such factors as crawlability; that is, the ability of search engines to assess your content. According to SEO consultant Aaron Rains, these sites require a full website audit to correct site layout issues and crawl ability issues, and ensure image optimization and peak site speed.

But what if you don’t know how to do that? XML mapping may not be part of your skill set, but few websites are one-person jobs. As you try to improve the visual SEO performance of your website, an SEO consultant can provide site-map implementation and ensure SEO compliance.

There is no other place in marketing where it’d pay off better by being a contrarian than through choosing the right SEO Services Company. Sometime you may be tempted to choosing the least expensive pitch while the most expensive one might be the smart choice. SEO is an investment and not necessarily a cost. Therefore, even if the company charges twice as much as others, the role of a marketing manager is to look deeper into why the SEO Company seems more expensive than other pitches. If it helps you reach your financial goals and other targets in half the time others would take, is it not the best option?