Social Media Consultant

In today’s digital climate, your social media presence has never been more pivotal to your brand’s success. I will personally work alongside you to construct tailor-made Social Media Marketing strategies that position your business to achieve the greatest social reach. 

If you are looking for better insights and success in your social media marketing efforts, you’ve come to the right place. As your social media consultant, I will refine your virtual identity and capture relevant conversations to promote your business and increase organic traffic. Although you will have a good grasp of your brand’s identity, translating it into a successful online campaign that resonates with your target audience requires rigorous thought, planning, and expertise. 

I have found over the years that customers disconnect from a brand if their online identity is speaking to them, rather than engaging alongside them. By encouraging conversation, customers will feel connected to your brand’s relatable, helpful and authentic messages. While each social media platform requires a particular style of advertising, I will ensure your brand’s true voice is broadcasted effectively across the board. Success in social media advertising is typically represented in a variety of outcomes, those being the number of re-tweets, shares, comments, views, and likes on popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn. 

With extensive experience in Social Media Consulting, I can get your brand’s voice heard amongst the noise on these platforms. My consulting strategies will help to drive engagement with customers, increase brand following, and convert leads to sales. 

Brand Monitoring on Social Media

Listening to your audience is a crucial, often overlooked component of Social Media Consulting. Knowing what your target audience wants to hear from you will propel your success through authentic engagement. I will help improve and track the reputation of your business and uncover how people perceive your brand. 

By monitoring online mentions of your business and how people respond to it, I will help you maintain a positive brand image that customers will keep paying attention to. Providing content that is audience-centric and relevant to current industry discussions will keep you connected to your customers through real, genuine dialogue. I will analyze, identify and anticipate all the trends you need to know to position yourself appropriately in this dynamic market. 

By collecting audience insights, you won’t have to worry about something going viral for all the wrong reasons. Instead, you’ll know exactly what your audience is thinking and feeling to avoid any online crises. Knowing what the public perception is surrounding your brand is an invaluable tool in any business, especially those that have an online presence. Closely monitoring your brand’s social platforms will help maintain a good reputation by showing your customers that you do in fact value what they have to say. This way, you can maintain a solid customer base that trusts in your products and services. I will help you monitor your audience behavior online and use it to promote engagements, and in turn, increase sales. 

Social Media Contests

There are a plethora of social media platforms nowadays to advertise on, so how do you know what is the best one for your brand? Although Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest content can increase your traffic in a short period of time, there may be other channels that are just as, if not more, as profitable. I can help you determine the most suitable type of content and platform for your brand. By managing each of your online avenues with a unique, tailored approach, I will ensure all activity and content is on-brand, every time. 

My experience in social media marketing has given me extensive insight into the distinctive styles and tones that each social platform requires. For example, one advertising strategy may work on some, but be completely ineffective on another. Let me guide your brand’s voice onto the right platforms that will capture your target audience - wherever they may be searching. 

No matter what your online goals may be, having a fine-tuned strategy that is specifically tailored to your brand will attract your desired audience and reach those targets. Each social media platform that your brand is present on should have its own particular goals. That way, every tactic is streamlined for success. No matter if you’re wanting to increase qualified leads, organic traffic, user engagement, or anything else you’re aiming for, I will tailor a comprehensive social media strategy that includes what specific content should be posted and more importantly, where. I will continue to monitor changes and provide adjustments according to what your audience wants to hear from you. 

Setup & Custom Social Media Profile Design

Learn how to create and customize Social Media Profiles with quality content and aesthetics that resonate with your brand and audience. An effective social media profile, that is clear and compelling, will capture the attention of target customers and foster important relationships. These relationships are vital in any online media campaign, as they form the core of your customer base and will continue to buy your products if they trust you. Let your audience see what you’re all about and ensure your Social Media Profile Design is efficient and impressive. By working alongside you, I will ensure the content and layout of your socials offer a glimpse into the true uniqueness of your brand. 

My knowledge and experience in profile design across all major social platforms mean every profile will be relevant, practical, and captivating. You can be confident that your social media profiles represent your brand perfectly, and attract the audience you want. Each one of your brand's social profiles is another tool to expand your online presence and reach the customers who need you the most. However, each social platform will require a slightly different approach to truly resonate with your audience. I will construct and design social media profiles that are customized for each platform while ensuring your presence is coherent to your brand’s values, goals, and ethos. Wherever your audience may find you online, make sure your profile design and content are engaging so your followers keep coming back for more!