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Aaron Rains SEO VP Operations

I started Rains SEO 5 years ago as a one-man operation helping companies like your’s rank higher. Over the years I have hired top talent to execute my clients SEO Strategies. Below is a few highlighted skill I rock at when I’m not working on trying to outrank Google. I like to spend my time with my wife and daughter doing outdoor activities.   LinkedIn or tweet me!

Skills and Experience
• Implement search engine optimization that drives traffic and increases site ranking via search engines.
• Research keywords, via analytics and Webmaster tools.
• Knowledge of Google’s algorithms penguin, panda, and hummingbird.
• Disavowing bad links.
• Implementing a plan to increase natural links that boost rankings.
• Markups
• Knowledge of page layout, title tags, keywords, image tagging, length of descriptions and other HTML markups.
• Working with CSS, HTML & 5, JavaScript and PHP

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