Google core Algorithm updates happen quite frequently throughout the year as Google continues to improve search results based on E-E-A-T “Experience, Expertise, Authorities and Trustworthy”. A website can lose up to 60% of its traffic during core updates, and many never recover until necessary actions and changes are made. Core updates can affect the entire website or target one page or keyword words.

Hi, my name is Aaron Rains, and I have been studying board core updates for over a decade, helping hundreds of websites in different countries and industries recover their traffic.

If a core algorithm update has negatively impacted your website, I can help you determine what action needs to be taken to recover and increase organic rankings. I will analyze your website’s UX, technical SEO, user experience, and other E-E-A-T factors to identify the problem and deliver a successful strategy.

Below, you can read about my expertise and qualifications so you’ll feel confident working directly with me as we work together to recover your website’s traffic.

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    Google Algorithm Core Update Consultant Aaron Rains

    15+ years experience in Google organic recovery services.

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    Algorithm Recovery Process

    Identify core update

    The first action plan is to identify the type of algorithm update causing your website traffic to drop. Was it a manual action or an algorithmic penalty? Both can be fixed once the time and date have been identified.

    Manual Action Penalty

    Manual action requires Google to asset your website manually after changes are made. You can identify these penalties using the search console, as a message from google will inform you of the issues with your website.

    Technical Issues

    Many websites affected by core updates are technical issues. Most of the time, the website owner doesn’t know. Poor structure, speed, internal linking, and how Google crawls your website are a few common reasons your website can lose traffic during algorithm shifts.

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    E-E-A-T Website Strategy

    Experience, Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness have become ranking factors that most website owners must have. I show you how to improve E-E-A-T signals by reviewing the content, authorship, and technical aspects of your website.

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    "YMYL" Your Money Your Life

    Google has stated that the YMYL criteria are stricter than those for other types of websites because it is Google’s responsibility to make sure that the information provided on websites offering financial advice, medical advice, legal advice, news, information about public figures, and websites geared toward shopping or transactional activities is accurate, trustworthy, and reliable.

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    Ad Placement

    Google has been clear on this issue for years that ads should not hinder what the user is searching for. If a website is not following best ad placement practices, more than likely, over time, a core update will impact traffic.

    Website UX Design

    UX or user experience has become a significant factor during Google’s algorithm board core updates on how visitors engage with your page factors that Google is assessing. Heat mapping and analyzing core web vitals can help identify traffic dips’ reasons.

    Backlink Penguin Penalty

    Penguin penalty 2012 devastated a website for trying to manipulate search results with backlinks. Even today, Google will penalize a website for trying spam search results. If a website is aware or unaware, it is essential to disavow links that don’t follow Google guidelines.

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