Free SEO Website Audit Checklist

I have put together a compressive website audit-free checklist that anyone can use to perform an assessment of their website. The shared document gives you detailed instructions on what to look for and how to perform the audit. I have listed helpful tools and ways to fix issues that may occur on your website. Here is a list of areas the checklist will cover. 

Click Here For the Free Document

  1. Indexing: Check to make sure your pages are showing up in Google
  2. Accessibility: How is Google Crawling your website and accessing your website elements and content
  3. Website Architecture: Does your website have a good architecture for crawl bots and authority pages
  4. Links: Check internal and outgoing links and other issues
  5. On-page: Is your on-page SEO set up correctly. 
  6. Content: Is your page content optimized for target search terms
  7. Keywords: How to check keywords and perform keyword research
  8. Analytics: Check Google Analytics and understand if your tracking is correct. 
  9. E-commerce: Is your E-commerce website set up correctly for search, pagination, and product filter.
  10. Mobile: Is your website mobile-friendly, speed, and core web vitals. 
  11. International: Do you have international Href lang and other signals required for multiple websites
  12. Schema Markup: Making sure all Schema, JSON LD, and other enhancements are correct
  13. PPC: A quality checklist to enhance your ad word performance.
  14. Video: Optimize your web site's videos and make sure they are set up for search results.
  15. Business Strategy: Is your business information set up correctly and is the website have authority, and trustworthy signals. 
  16. Social: Are you using social media to enhance your SEO efforts. 
  17. Design: Is your design of the website user-friendly and meet panda requirement. 
  18. Branding: Are all branding elements on the website.