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As an independent SEO expert, Ive been helping businesses rank higher on search engines for over 15 years. That experience has taught me that every single SEO campaign is unique, just as every client I take on is unique. If youre ready to grow and increase your rankings (and ROI), schedule a consultation with me today. Lets discuss your goals and some strategies to help you reach them.

Most consultation projects can range from three to six months to a year. though they can be shorter or significantly longer depending on the size of the company and the campaign goals.

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Aaron Rains SEO Consultant

Who Is Aaron Rains SEO Expert

15+ years experience in google organic search optimization,traffic recovery, website audits, and building E-A-T signals. Below is a few highlighted skills I rock at when I’m not working on trying to outrank Google. I like to spend my time with my wife and daughter doing outdoor activities. LinkedIn or tweet me!

Skills And Experience

  • Implement search engine optimization that drives traffic and increases site ranking via search engines.
  • Research keywords, via analytics and Webmaster tools.
  • Knowledge of Google’s algorithms penguin, panda, and hummingbird.
  • Disavowing bad links.
  • Implementing a plan to increase natural links that boost rankings.
  • markups
  • Knowledge of page layout, title tags, keywords, image tagging, length of descriptions and other HTML markups.
  • Working with CSS, HTML & 5, JavaScript and PHP
  • I have passed Credo's 28-point vetting system, including a personal phone call with our team. They are part of our elite network of digital marketing pros.

Why use SEO consulting services?

You use SEO consulting services to help identify traffic dips to your website, technical issues, and ways to continuously grow your business with search engine optimization.

Most of my clients have hired me to help them with their short-term SEO goals, long term growth strategies, and marketing projects. You can see current and previous client lists here, ranging from small businesses to future Fortune 500 companies.

No SEO project is to big or too small. Below is a comprehensive list of questions that SEO consulting can help you fix.

SEO Services Include:

Local SEO Search Strategy

Set up clients with every local directory and other Google trusted stores to add local credibility and make sure that you rank highest when people in your area make specific searches. This includes product and customer reviews. At this time, I will highly recommend, a tool I use with nearly every client.

Learn more about Local SEO.

On-Page SEO

My on page SEO services I help you identify critical issues hindering your organic ranking. I analyze your page layout, assess any technical issues and web speed, and then provide a schema JSON implementation plan as well as review your core web vitals. My work anlso focuses on improving your on-page E-A-T signals.

Learn more about on-page.

Keyword Research

Offerings include, keywords services, where I use research strategies to help identify keyword opportunities. I start by looking at your competitors and long tail keywords, focused of getting you the fastest return on your investment.

E-A-T Website Strategy

Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness have become ranking factors that most website owners must have. I show you how to improve E-A-T signals by reviewing the content, authorship, and technical aspects of your website.

Learn more about YMYL.

"YMYL" Your Money Your Life

Google has stated that the YMYL criteria are stricter than those for other types of websites because it is Google's responsibility to make sure that the information provided on websites offering financial advice, medical advice, legal advice, news, information about public figures, and websites geared toward shopping or transactional activities is accurate, trustworthy, and reliable.

Learn more about YMTL.

Link Building

For backlink services, I only follow Google's best practices. I help identify partners you can collaborate with and follow white-hat link building. The objective is to build a clean profile to increase your domain authority.

Learn more about backlinks.

Website Assessment

A website audit takes me seven business days to perform. During this process, I provide a handwritten strategy document. It covers competitor analysis, backlink profiles, on-page content, technical issues, and more. Learn more about this assessment.

SEO Coaching

Meet with me weekly to learn all about search engine optimization. During our Zoom call, we focus on topics that meet your needs. I coach people new to SEO, marketing departments, or SEO experts who want an expert and different opinion.

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Client Testimonial

"I first started working with Aaron a number of years ago on a mutual client's website. We really turned that business around, and today they're ranking on page 1 for all of their target terms, with a much-improved look and user experience as well. Aaron did the vast majority of the work on this project--I just offered a little specific guidance here and there. Since then, I've worked with Aaron on a number of other projects as well, and been very impressed with his knowledge of SEO. In fact, when I get requests from potential clients whom I cannot take due to a conflict with an existing client, I send them to Aaron."

Michael Cottam Freelance SEO Consultant

"I own PrintingCenterUSA and Aaron has helped us grown our online rankings over 8 years. He has guided us through link penalties, multiple site redesigns, and condensed our website. He is always informing us about Google algorithm updates helping us stay one step ahead of our competition. We rank 1 for Calendar Printing, Booklet Printing, and Catalog Printing.”

Craig Barber Owner

"I hired Aaron Rains to improve the ranking of my website after going through at least a dozen different SEO providers over 5+ years. My site had consistently ranked very poorly for years. In less than a year after Aaron took over the SEO, my website’s rankings significantly improved, with it ranking on the first page for many relevant keywords. I also saw a significant increase in traffic to the website, and for the first time in years my website actually started to generate business. I highly recommend Aarons Rains. "

German Yusufov Attorney

"Aaron has been great to work with, as he is always coming to the table with new ideas. He has been assisting with our SEO for the last few years. Our company has seen consistent increases in Google key terms. This is huge for us being a company that solely sells online. I would recommend Aaron's services to others. ”

Brandon, co-founder Pacific Roots