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Working with me, I become an extension of your marketing team, providing 15 years of SEO experience to accelerate your business growth. I guide, execute, and build SEO strategies that can rank websites on the first page of Google. 

If you are ready to grow and increase your ranking and return on investment, schedule a consultation with me today. 

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Aaron Rains SEO Consultant

More then 15 years SEO experience

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SEO services you need to help your business grow

  • local SEO

    Local SEO

    Part of my job as an SEO consultant is to set up clients with every local directory and other Google trusted stores to add local credibility and make sure that you rank highest when people in your area make specific searches. Part of my job as an SEO specialist includes product and customer reviews. I also use as an SEO consulting tool with most of my clients.

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  • on-page seo

    On Page SEO

    With my on-page SEO strategies, I will help you identify critical issues hindering your organic traffic and ranking. I analyze your page layout, assess any technical issues and web speed, and then provide a schema JSON implementation plan as well as review your core web vitals. My SEO strategy work also focuses on improving your on-page E-E-A-T signals.

  • keyword research

    Keyword Research

    My SEO consulting services and part of my job description is to include, keywords services, where I use research strategies to help identify keyword opportunities that will help boost search engine optimization. I start by looking at your competitors and long tail keywords, focused of getting you the fastest return on your investment.

  • e-e-a-t website strategy

    E-E-A-T Website Strategy

    Experience, Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness have become ranking factors that most website owners must have. As your SEO consultant, part of my consulting services is to show you how to improve E-E-A-T signals by reviewing the content, analyzing keyword research, authorship, and technical aspects of your website.

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  • YMYL your money your life algorithm

    "YMYL" Your Money Your Life

    Google has stated that the YMYL criteria are stricter than those for other types of websites because it is Google’s responsibility to make sure that the information provided on websites offering financial advice, medical advice, legal advice, news, information about public figures, and websites geared toward shopping or transactional activities is accurate, trustworthy, and reliable.

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  • link building

    Link Building

    For backlink services, an SEO consultant or SEO specialist should only follow Google’s best practices when it comes to SEO strategy. I help identify partners you can collaborate with and follow white-hat link building. The objective is to build a clean profile to increase your domain authority.

  • website assessment

    Website Assessment

    An SEO website audit takes me seven business days to perform. During this process, I provide a handwritten strategy document. It covers competitor analysis, backlink profiles, keyword research on-page content, technical issues, and more.

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  • seo consulting

    SEO Coaching

    Meet with me weekly to learn all about search engine optimization. During our Zoom call, we focus on topics that meet your needs. I coach people new to SEO, marketing departments, or SEO experts who want an expert and different opinion.

SEO Client Testimonials

Working with an SEO Consultant

It’s always best to start with a full website audit or assessment. This builds a baseline to understand what is the most important pressing issue to increase organic traffic now. Request an assessment or learn more about my website assessment here.

Performing keyword research is important. Google emphasizes that when writing content and building your website you need to ensure it is geared toward your audience. Keywords provide searcher’s intent based on volume which helps give us a roadmap plan to structure our seo content strategy around.

The goal of a competitor analysis is to structure an SEO strategy that is unique to your business which will differentiate you from the competition to help gain market share. Once we have identified competitors in your industry, a competitor assessment is performed.  Reviewing the website technical structures, keywords, page layouts, content and more, helps to provide unique seo information that can be used for your competitive advantage.

 Once we perform the website  assessment, keyword research and competitor analysis we then further assess the information and formulate a written SEO strategy based on your target audience, opportunities and goals.

Our strategy includes implementing the best on-page optimization by making updates on existing pages and any new developed pages. These updates include metadata, alt tags, schema code, and proper content placement to help the search engine crawl our content.

As we work together to develop new rich content, either by your marketing team or my personal writers, we focus on writing content around E-E-A-T or Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

The technical side of your website is just as important as the content. Site structure and technical updates ensure that the search engine accesses the right pages and content based on our SEO strategy. There are many technical issues that can affect websites differently. Read more about technical SEO and this assessment here.

Each month I personally meet with you or your team to review our progress towards our goals,  including a review of traffic, keywords gained, events and other critical data catered to your strategy and goals that we want to track. I create tracking and reporting catered to your needs, as each client is different.

Once you have implemented your SEO strategy and completed the recommended technical issue updates, SEO does not stop. Google and other search engines are constantly changing algorithms in order to deliver the most relevant search results to users, this along with other impacts such as new competitors or changes to your competitors strategies can also shift your rankings. These changes may require some ongoing maintenance and updates.

As we work together I will keep you up to date with new trends and search engine changes. I’m following, monitoring and testing daily to ensure I am aware of potential impacts to sites as SEO continues to change and evolve.  Keeping you up to date will ensure that together we do not see a negative decrease over time. This awareness and communication is an important part of the SEO consultant relationship.

Buy SEO Brain Book

The SEO Brain Book

I’ve compiled an 102-page guide called “The SEO Brain Book.” Dive in to uncover the secrets of how search engine optimization works. From kickstarting your journey and nailing keyword research to creating killer content, understanding backlinks, acing blogs, and rocking page content templates – it’s all in there. Plus, I discuss how to use popular SEO tools, report results like a pro, make your website user-friendly, speed things up, and master E-E-A-T. Ready to level up your SEO game?

Free SEO E-E-A-T Checklist

E-E-A-T Checklist

Unlock the secrets to elevate your website’s E-E-A-T with our step-by-step checklist! This handy tool guides you through the eyes of Google’s Quality Raters, giving you a direct line to how your site measures up. Expect a series of questions, matched with screenshots from the guidelines, and our insights on how your site stacks against the standards.

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Important Questions To Ask When Hiring An SEO Consultant

SEO reporting is not as complicated as you might think. You want to make sure you start with a baseline. How much traffic are you currently getting, how many keywords are currently ranking on the website, and overall keyword rankings? In my past experience, set a 3-month Goal based on these metrics. SEO will change from week to week so monthly reporting is vital but be open to allocating resources to the opportunity that may appear each month that will bring cash to the bottom line.

Link building and keyword research can make or break your SEO strategies. Google still puts a lot of importance on backlinks but they continue to enforce their guidelines. There are a lot of link schemes and blog networks you want to stay away from. When it comes to link building, the days of getting dozen of links each month are gone. Part of my job description is to focus on the quality of links and creating real partnerships with the local community and experts in your online industry. Follow Google’s rules and make sure to use the No-Follow attribute for paid or advertising links.

Start with a 3-month search engine optimization strategy that focuses on best practices. Normally, in my experience, the first month is fixing technical issues and planning. Once you execute new content and start backlink it takes a month or even longer to see new keywords and increase of rankings. Meet weekly and review positive and negative changes. Be aware that Google updates the algorithm weekly so you will see fluctuation. 3 months is a good amount of time to analyze your progress.

Most SEO experts will tell you if they are working with competitors in your space, “This is up to your discretion, whether to work with them.” To be honest, you want to work with an SEO consultant who has worked in your space and understands the type of content and strategies to rank in your queries.

SEO is ongoing and you should not invest in a consulting service if you can’t afford it. Don’t hire if you need a fast fix. An SEO audit won’t save your website. Investing in numerous SEO services that focuses on best practices is a great plan to increase free traffic for the future of your online business.

Part of my job description is directly communicating with the people who hired me. I personally prefer a weekly meeting, project manager board “Trello,” skype or Slack channel to help communicate. When communication breaks down, my consulting service work does not get done. Search engine optimization can be active as it can change daily, so being able to communicate what is happening with ranking or taking advantage of what is happening in the world can impact SEO.

What do you have to lose? Let’s talk about how SEO can help grow your business.