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If you need help with search engine optimization, you’ve found your guy. SEO is something that every business and website should be thinking about. SEO is basically a set of rules and guidelines that can be followed for website and blog owners to optimize their websites for search engines that ultimately helps them rank higher on search engines.

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SEO also helps increase website quality by making them faster, easier to navigate, and more user friendly. Search engine optimization is more important than ever because of the vast amount of competing websites and blogs online. Set your business up for success with someone on your team who knows the principles of SEO and understands the potential it creates for every business.

As an independent SEO expert, I’ve been helping business rank higher on search engines for over ten years. It’s no secret that ranking on the first page of Google will bring increased revenue to your company. Because of my experience and knowledge, I can help you identify Google algorithmic penalties and help you narrow down some of the technical SEO basics that will boost your company’s ROI (return on investment).

When it comes to SEO, don’t waste your time looking for a quick fix. SEO is an ongoing process and Google, the leading search engine, ranks websites that follow best practices and follow their specific guidelines. If you don’t know where your business stands when it comes to search engine optimization or how to follow best practices with digital marketing, contact ME today and let’s set up a free initial consultation. We can discuss your project needs, set up goals for your business, and develop some content marketing strategies that are appropriate for your company.

Though SEO is an ongoing process, I stand out as an SEO consultant by not requiring a monthly contract. We start with a 3 month training period, where I perform a site audit, research initial keywords that are relevant for your website, give on-page recommendations, and set up some coaching calls. Once you learn the basics, you won’t need me or any SEO consultant because you’ll know how to help your website rank higher on your own. There are literally hundreds of things you can do to help your website rank higher and help generate revenue through digital marketing strategies, here are some of the things we will discuss.

SEO Consulting Services

  • Correct site layout
  • Strategies link building
  • Analyzing Keywords
  • Full website audit and SEO implementation
  • Understanding Panda quality score
  • How to identify manual penalties
  • Get your business found locally
  • Correct white-hat links
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Rel= canonical configuration and Herf Lang Tag
  • Embedding video
  • Sitemap implementation “Webmaster Tools”
  • Website Speed “image optimization, javascript, and CSS rendering
  •, Open Graph, and Twitter card markups

Still not convinced you to need an SEO expert? Let’s discuss some of the things that will happen in those first few months as we clean up your website and get it ranking higher on Google.

SEO Training To Get You Headed In The Right Direction. Unlike some other SEO consultants, I will actually help you learn everything there is to know about search engine optimization and keep you updated on Google’s ever-changing algorithms. With my basic training and local SEO services, you’ll never again have to worry about what Google is doing next.

Instead, just watch your traffic increase and understand how to make money using Google by following best practices. Here’s what my SEO Training includes:

1. Hour Phone Call On the phone we will discuss your SEO needs and figure out a page optimization strategy if you don’t already have one. If you do have an SEO campaign in mind, we will discuss what is working for you and perform a website audit. An audit will help us start fixing important website errors that are hindering your rankings and get us started on the right path to higher revenues.

2. Keyword Research Keyword research is important because not only does it give us an idea of what we want to rank for, but it also gives us an idea of what your competition is trying to rank for as well. I keep your competition and clients in mind when researching and come up with keywords that fit your website based on keyword volume. I use Google keyword tools, Moz, Ahrefs, and Semrush to help me decide what is best for your business.
This part of the process could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of your website.

3. Best Practices Site Audit A site audit is so necessary to give us an accurate assessment of what needs correcting on your site. This usually becomes a checklist of things to fix, as a site audit looks at website configuration, overall navigation, existing backlinks, broken links, and more. This is a good place to start to analyze any technical issues your site may have.

4. On-Page SEO Tuning Together we will also sit down and analyze each page and make the necessary changes to help increase your rankings. From site layout to content placement, I will make recommendations on all main landing pages. I will make sure all titles, meta descriptions, internal links, and any other page issues are addressed at this time.

5. Local Search Configuration (Organic Traffic Local) I also always set up my clients with every local directory and other Google trusted stores to add local credibility and make sure that you rank highest when people in your area make specific searches. This includes product and customer reviews. At this time, I will highly recommend, a tool I use with nearly every client.

6. Social Media Coaching Many people don’t realize that social media marketing plays a significant role in SEO. I will give you tips on how to effectively use Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media channels so that you feel more prepared on what to post on each social platform.

7. Link-Building Coaching Though white-hat link building can take a month to years to master, but the process of building a strong link profile with relevant bloggers, customers, and even similar businesses is super important. High-quality links and outside sources will help you reach your goals, and I have spent years building a reputation doing just that.

8. AdWords and Facebook Advertising Depending on what your goals and strategies are, I can even guide you on how to use Google AdWords and Facebook to drive sales and traffic to your website or blog. This is an add-on service, but it is something that comes up in SEO conversations often, so let me know if you have any questions.