An SEO website audit is one of the best ways to solve all of your SEO and marketing problems at once.

Website audits allow you to improve your rankings, boost your number of site visitors, fix SEO errors harming your site and increase leads. More importantly, however, SEO website audits help you increase sales and revenue for your website.

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    Benefits of a Website SEO Audit 

    1. Improve website performance

    Website efficiency and speed frequently arise in client website development and SEO inquiries. An SEO audit can provide you with critical information regarding technical issues with your website. You will find out if:

    • The amount of queries sent to the databases is not overburdening your server,
    • your server speed is operating efficiently,
    • and the material is loaded as rapidly as possible.

    A poorly optimized website or database code may cause a heavy load when traffic increases. Modifying such code is one possible option. We’ll show you how to make changes that will improve your site’s performance.

    2. Optimize your content with an SEO audit

    Despite your best efforts, you may need to utilize your website’s full potential.

    Each industry has its own set of services, goods, queries, and key phrases. It’s crucial to choose one or more important keywords for each of your web pages. The more original and accurate they describe your industry, the better.

    Types of key phrases:

    General phrases define your domain or services more initially but have many searches. However, it is vital to assess whether their position on them is reasonable, as attaining a higher position for famous terms will be challenging given the heavy competition.

    Long-tail keywords are more complex because they comprise more than two words. They will assist you in capturing users’ attention through extremely particular queries.

    A comprehensive SEO audit is essential for optimizing your website content. During the audit, an expert SEO consultant will show you the keywords with the best value for your business and advise you on which texts to include them in. You will also be given guidance on how to format your articles, for example:

    • Divide huge text blocks into smaller paragraphs
    • Use numbering and bullet points
    • Apply correct heading styles in accordance with their hierarchy (h1, h2, h3…).
    • Correct text formatting for Google bots and reader satisfaction.

    3. Increase your website users’ satisfaction

    The implementation of SEO principles will make your website more appealing to potential customers and boost their ease of use.

    It’s difficult enough to persuade anyone to utilize platforms that don’t work properly. Potential customers will become disillusioned fast if your website frequently shows error information or takes a long time to load material and visuals.

    By reducing errors, you can reduce the likelihood of visitors abandoning your website soon. Users are more likely to spend more time on a smoothly-operating website. Google examines user session length and website behavior. The longer time spent on a website indicates that the information is valuable and interesting, which influences the website’s position in a browser.

    Internet consumers also value useful industry-related publications. You may increase information reception by using suitable headings, calculations, and highlights, while internal linking will boost page navigation.

    This means you benefit twice: first, your chances of re-purchasing increase, and second, your company’s reputation improves. Transparent and visually appealing content may also increase website users’ willingness to surf the website, extending session time and positively influencing website positioning.

    4. Improved ranking on Search Engine Results 

    Following an SEO audit, you should expect to receive not only information about what is wrong with your website but also suggestions for change. Some organizations that conduct such studies also provide improvement implementation. You can do it yourself or collaborate with an outside team of professionals. If you take the time to optimize your site and implement the suggestions given, you just might find yourself on the first page of Google’s search results.

    5. Increase your website traffic with SEO audits

    You should see an increase in traffic after making improvements to the website. This is primarily due to the increased visibility of your website in search engines. Increasing traffic frequently leads to increased conversion, which leads to an increase in sales and profitability.

    Types of Website SEO Audits:

    1. Technical SEO:

    In order to save you time and money from promoting a website that is working against you, we’ll dig deep to identify any unresolved technical issues.

    • Site Speed & Performance
    • Robots & Access
    • Google Analytics Tracking
    • Website Responsiveness
    • Tag Manager
    • AdWords & Analytics Connections
    • Broken External Links
    • 404 & Error Pages
    • Indexing
    • Broken Internal Links
    • XML Sitemap
    • Duplicate Content

    2. On-Page SEO Audit:

    To make sure you’re maximizing your site’s visibility and search ranks, we’ll examine your On-Page SEO performance and check how your site uses its keywords and point out areas that need improvement.

    • URLs
    • SEO Title Tags
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Heading Tags
    • Image Optimization and Alt Text
    • Internal Linking

    3. Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis:

    In order to drive the most appropriate traffic to your website, I will identify the most profitable local, industry, and specialized terms—some of which you might not even be aware of. I will spy on your rivals and discover opportunities for you to take advantage of so that you stay one step ahead of your competition.

    • Keyword Research
    • Local SEO Rankings
    • Current SERP Ranking positions
    • The volume of Searches Per Month
    • Domain Rating
    • Number of Referring Domains
    • Number Of Backlinks
    • Highlight Linking Opportunities

    4. Off-Page & Back Link Audit:

    I’ll check your domain’s authority and backlink profile for spam links, and I’ll also detail the most important tactics for gaining more relevant, high-quality links that will improve your search engine rankings.

    • Domain Rating
    • Number Of Inbound Links
    • Quality of Inbound Links
    • Spam Links or Broken Links

    A Website Audit from Aaron Rains SEO can include:

    1. Analyze Organic Traffic

    I first focus on analyzing organic search traffic in any audit or analysis. This has two benefits: Identify traffic patterns that indicate a search engine algorithm filter or penalty and which parts of your website perform best and worst. Understanding both is key to a successful SEO plan.

    2. Google Indexing

    Reviewing how Google indexes your web pages based on the domain’s information architecture. This includes an assessment of Internal linking, URL structure, webpage navigation, page segmentation, robots, XML, HTML sitemaps, etc.

    3. Schema Markup Analysis

    SEO audits entail checking HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for best practices. Aaron manually checks every page for Schema integration, accessibility, page load times, content accessibility, varied metadata, and any other SEO-related front-end UI element.

    4. Content Analysis

    I review domain material in three ways in the content analysis section. First, I will check attractive inbound signals and user-focused website content. Second, I will ensure your Content aligns with user intent and is relevant for their search queries. Finally, I will run an E-A-T checklist on your content to ensure it matches Google’s quality standards.

    This section complements content marketing to ensure technical SEO and content marketing function effectively together.

    This section evaluates the website’s content and performance, things like:

    • Readability
    • Grammar/spelling mistakes
    • Content inaccuracies
    • Plagiarism
    • Call to Action (CTA)

    5. Backlink Assessment

    Having a good backlink profile is key to succeeding in SEO. Aaron’s backlink analysis has 3 purposes. Analyze current backlink profile, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and discover potential linking opportunities.

    6. UX Analysis

    Websites with better user experiences generate more inbound signals that affect search rankings and traffic. Inbound links, page visits, and bounce rates can all be enhanced with UX. With Aaron’s usability studies, he aims to improve SEO performance and conversion rate of your site.

    7. SEO Road Map

    Any digital marketing campaign needs a clear, actionable SEO plan. I can build aggressive SEO methods that reduce risk, enhance ROI, and complement existing digital marketing campaigns.

    Fixing problems and following best practices is merely the beginning. A concrete approach that focuses on your business goals is important for long-term search engine growth. I provide a strategy section in every audit with ideas for long-term growth and how to hit your KPIs.

    8. Conversion Rate Analysis 

    A conversion rate evaluation identifies opportunities and flaws on your website and landing pages for lead generation and conversion.

    • Lead Gen and conversion optimization
    • Optimizing landing pages and forms
    • Converting visitors
    • Calls to action
    • Conversion opportunities