Spammy Backlink Disavow SEO Tool

Recently Michael Cottam wrote a blog post about how you can identify spammy or SEO attacks which can cause algorithmic penalty from Google. You can read more about his findings here. But, sorting our spammy backlinks is time-consuming so, I decided to show how to use an excel spreadsheet to fastly sort out links that need to be disavowed.

To start to download all your domains pointing to website using either, Moz, Ahref, SEMRush or any other popular SEO Tool. Don’t for to download all links from Search Console as those links are actually links passing negative or positive link juice to your website. Below I have identified a few common domains ending that are spammy to provide examples of how to quickly sort them out from your main spreadsheet with all link domains.









  • Click filter
  • Select all of Column A(or the column that has the content in it) by clicking on the A
  • Click on Format
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Keep drop down on current selection and click + to add a new rule
  • Select classic in drop down and this selection:
  •  where is says .press that is where you enter in the extension you are looking up
  • click ok
  • Click the filter arrow in column A and filter by cell color

Copy the filtered rows

Paste in a new tab (or wherever you want)

  • Clear filter and start over

You can either just use one color and keep repeating by following the same process but editing the existing from .press to the new extension.  Or you can create new rules to make multiple colors.