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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

By rainsaaronsseo  /  April 3, 2018
Google is currently rolling out to every local listing the new option to update their business descriptions. This helps to...
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Google Says March 11th 2018 Ranking Update Organic Search.

By rainsaaronsseo  /  March 13, 2018
Over the weekend of March 11 to 12th the 2018 Google set of rules ranking update over the weekend and...
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Why Does The Indexed Pages Count Vary?

By rainsaaronsseo  /  March 8, 2018
Here is John Mueller from Google explaining . Google has published a beginner/starting seo video around what metrics Google has...
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Importance Of 301 Redirects

By rainsaaronsseo  /  December 22, 2017
The importance of 301 Redirects can't be overlooked and cause website traffic decreases if not implemented correctly telling Google about...
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How to rank higher on Google with Keyword Research?

By rainsaaronsseo  /  November 29, 2017
I get this question asked all the time how to rank higher on Google? There is a lot of factors...
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Panda & Penguin Update

By rainsaaronsseo  /  November 14, 2017
Google is continuing to update Panda & Penguin algorithms. Just last month Google announced that each algorithm was on autopilot and...
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Importance of Image Alt Tags

By rainsaaronsseo  /  November 10, 2017
If there is one technical aspect that most companies and small businesses neglect often is the importance of image alt...
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3 SEO Sitemap Tips

By rainsaaronsseo  /  November 2, 2017
Dealing with many different websites over the years I have discovered there is one major issue that most large and...
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Weekly SEO Update 10/27/17

By rainsaaronsseo  /  October 27, 2017
1. The past 24 to 48-hour chatter by SEO experts about Google algorithm changes. Not seeing mobile vs. desktop but...
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SEO Weekly Update 10-13-2017

By rainsaaronsseo  /  October 13, 2017
Over the weekend Google had a huge major update. All seo tools show big fluctuation. Tuesday showed a major change...
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Google’s Algorithm Update 10-07-2017

By rainsaaronsseo  /  October 10, 2017
Is your rankings bouncing around a lot over the last week? Well no need to panic because Google is making...
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SEO Weekly Update 10/06/17

By rainsaaronsseo  /  October 6, 2017
Google says that in the future Webmaster won’t be getting an alert about upcoming Algorithm changes. John Muller says that...
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What Does An SEO Consultant Do?

By rainsaaronsseo  /  October 3, 2017
If you have an online business, the chance is you're dealing with many optical trying to attract customers to your...
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Weekly SEO Update 09/29/17

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 29, 2017
There was a major algorithm changes last week. All week long there has been a lot chatter within the SEO...
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Why hire an SEO Consultant Vs Marketing Agency?

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 27, 2017
Over the years I've had multiple clients ask me why I should hire an SEO Consultant Vs. Marketing Agency? My...
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SEO Update 09/22/17

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 22, 2017
2 Algorithm update on google search happened Saturday and Wed the 20th of September. There had been chatter good and...
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SEO Case Studies

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 19, 2017
I recently ran across an ad on Facebook from an SEO credible source Credo. If, you are not familiar with them it's...
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Weekly SEO Update 09/15/2017

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 15, 2017
This week SEO update Google has officially said click through rate is a ranking signal. Google Brain Rank this week...
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Weekly SEO Update: Sep-08-2018

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 8, 2017
1.Alorgrith shift, webmaster tool, noticed traffic up and down late last night. Moz and SEM Rush tool show major changes....
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How Not to Loses Ranking Switching to HTTPS

By rainsaaronsseo  /  July 28, 2017
Here's what to do in terms of converting over to https. MY CLIENTS: we switched July 20 2017 and as...
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