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buying high domain authority site links

By rainsaaronsseo  /  June 13, 2017
If buying high-quality domain authority links is part of your SEO strategy you might want to reconsider. Google is now...
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Google new update called Fred is targeting ad heavy content websites.

By rainsaaronsseo  /  March 17, 2017
Did you experience a drop in traffic around March 8th? Well if so, your website might have been targeted by...
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How to measure SEO KPI’s.

By rainsaaronsseo  /  March 13, 2017
I’ve been asked this question multiple times in recent months; what are SEO Key Performance Indicators?  And here is my...
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Learn about SEO Site Structure at Dscoop Phoenix March 1 – 14 2017

By rainsaaronsseo  /  February 10, 2017
Do you have a website that isn't ranking as well as you'd like? Well, your site might be penalized by...
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Developing An SEO Friendly Website

By rainsaaronsseo  /  October 7, 2016
Developing an SEO friendly website can be achieved when you follow Information Architecture. What is information architecture? The image below...
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Google’s Penguin Algorithm Is Now Real Time: Austin SEO Tip

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 26, 2016
 Quick takeaways: Penguin time line. Penguin penalty is not site wide .It is now base on a page by page...
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How To Get Featured Snippets In Google Search.

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 23, 2016
If you haven't watched a Whiteboard Fridays by Rand Fishkin, I highly recommend you do. This week he's speaking about...
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Accelerated Page or AMP Begin Global Rollout in Search Google Says.

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 21, 2016
Hey, everyone Google is starting to put more weight into Accelerated Mobile Pages. Septempber 21 2016 they announced that AMP...
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Google Continues To Change Their Ranking Algorithm

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 20, 2016
Are your search search queries bouncing around in the last couple of weeks? Well, if so, it could be that...
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Schema Generator SEO Tool

By rainsaaronsseo  /  September 16, 2016
One of the top minds in the industry of SEO Joe Hall offers a fantastic free tool to that can create...
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