Written by Aaron Rains February 4th 2022

5 Important Local SEO Tips for 2022

Almost half of all Google searches come from users seeking local information, people looking for businesses around them, and people looking for places nearby. Local SEO offers a different perspective than traditional SEO, but everyone wants results near them. You need to make sure your local customers find your business by creating a solid local search marketing strategy for your business. That means creating high-quality content about your business, connecting with people who are already searching for you locally and earning more reviews and recommendations. Your local SEO strategy should include:

Re-Analyze your Local SEO Keywords

To ensure that your website’s content is optimized for 2022, make sure you’re still focusing on the right keywords. Trends may change, the user might have different intentions than before, and there might even be a new popular trend. Use tools like Google Analytics to see if your organic traffic has increased or decreased over time. Then use the data to determine what your next steps should be.

Contact 2021 Clients and Ask For Reviews

Showcase your excellent work from 2022 with glowing reviews from your 2021 past clients. Review plays an important role in a customer’s journey. Without reviews, you are on the backfoot. Customer’s reviews convey a sense of loyalty, authenticity, and trustworthiness to other potential customers browsing the web site. This promotion is priceless especially when customers encourage others buy your product or service. Contact your clients directly and ask for feedback.

Submit your Website to Local Directories

Local Business Directories are a great method to attract visitors. A local business directory allows customers to find businesses in their area, and provides them with contact details. Any website should be listed in as many local directories as possible, but make sure you include the correct information. Include the correct contact details, address, and operating hours. Ensure your name and logo appear properly on all directories, and make sure the directory is legitimate by checking its reliability rating.

Optimize Website Content for your Location

A smart tip for Local SEO in 2022 is to place your location details strategically throughout your content. Using your location name, address and phone number, along with location-specific content about the community, staff, and vibe of the area can help increase organic traffic to your webpages. Be sure to link the URL location to relevant points within your content. By doing this, you can optimize your local search results.

Reassess your 2022 Local SEO Goals

To ensure you reach your 2022 Traffic and Sales targets, you need to set well-defined SEO goals first. A good way to do this is by re-assessing how your previous Objectives went, and whether they were successful. You should also reassess how other fundamental aspects of your Business (Geographic Region, delivery method & delivery areas) have changed since then. If they haven’t, focus on how you can make use of Paid Advertising and Social Media Promotion to further push your site forward.

But sometimes, you need an expert touch. Contact Me today if you want your Local SEO campaign put in the hands of a professional who will optimize your website and ensure you’re maximizing your online reach!
Written by Aaron Rain