Written by Aaron Rains March 31st 2022

Technical SEO is all about working on every element of your website that can improve the process of crawling and indexing your web pages. This requires skills, expertise, and proficiency, and the easiest way to improve the ranking of your website through SEO optimization is with the help of a technical SEO consultant. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about how a consultant can help you.

What Does A Technical SEO Person Do? 

Technical SEO persons or consultants handle the aspects of your website to enhance the experience for your audience while improving the website architecture for the search engine. They focus on making changes to your website to make it faster and easier for Google to index your website. One of their core areas is to increase the traffic on your website by making your website mobile-friendly so that a wider audience can access your website irrespective of what device they use. With their effort towards increasing traffic, there is improved lead generation and conversion for better site revenue.

Skills Required To Be A Technical SEO Consultant

Becoming a technical SEO consultant is all about possessing the right skills. They should be well-versed with every aspect of SEO and should understand what factors affect the crawling and indexing journey, website infrastructure, and should also know the web fundamentals. Building backlinks is one of the most essential SEO practices, and an SEO consultant is expected to have in-depth knowledge of how to build backlinks. Having a good understanding of social media marketing helps provide better services.

Since technical SEO consultants, unlike regular consultants, work very closely with engineers to ensure that all the SEO tactics are implemented and followed the right way, they should be able to coordinate and communicate well with platform engineers.

What Is Technical SEO Optimization?

Technical SEO optimization, as the name suggests, focuses on the technical aspects of a website to increase traffic and improve its ranking on search engines. This involves well-planned strategies after analyzing the website. When an SEO consultant comes up with a plan and implements SEO tactics, the website becomes faster and Google crawls and indexes pages more efficiently. Before coming up with a strategy, a consultant runs a technical SEO audit of the website to gain a complete understanding of potential problems and loopholes so that they can be fixed.

Why Is Technical SEO Important?

When people search for a query on Google or any other search engine, search engines aim to provide the reader with the most useful, relevant, and informative content. In an effort to achieve this, Google has robots that crawl through web pages in order to evaluate it based on a range of factors. Since this is the procedure that Google follows to rank websites and webpages such that they are visible to the readers when a certain search term is typed in the search bar, it is important to focus on this procedure and accordingly make amends to the website such that google picks your web page.

This is when technical SEO can help. A consultant makes a checklist of factors that need to be considered for the best outcomes such as high ranking, traffic, lead conversion, and revenue. They are also useful in optimizing the website such that your audience finds it easy to go through your webpage and finds useful content.

Important Components Of Technical SEO

They can help with any issue related to your website in case it is not performing well. The following are some of the important components that can help you with better rankings.

  • Page Speed

A website’s loading speed decides whether a reader is going to stay on your webpage. Websites that take more time to load result in higher bounce rates. A technical SEO expert looks at factors such as memory leaks and image optimization so that the load time of a website can be reduced for the best user experience.

  • Website Crawlability

Google crawls through websites by following links on the site. This calls for efforts to create an impressive internal linking structure so that the Google robot finds important content on your website and quickly displays your content in search results.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Since so many people access information using their phones, it is crucial that your website adapts to smaller screens, including tablets and iPads. A website does not look the same on a mobile phone as on a bigger screen. It requires optimization such that the whole website is visible and the user can navigate your website easily.

  • Security

Both search engines and users prefer to rank and access websites that are secure. There are different aspects that decide how secure your website is. A technical SEO consultant focuses on aspects such as mixed content issues and SSL to enhance the security of your website.

  • Page Structure

When you have long-form content on your website, the structure of your page can be a contributing factor to how a reader views it. Technical SEO consultants analyze the page structure by focusing on things like HTML tags and semantic layout among others so that Google goes through the content and crawls through it.

  • Overall Website Structure

Indexability greatly depends on site architecture. Pages that are important and are a top priority when it comes to ranking should ideally be visible at the front on Google. And when a technical SEO professional fixes your site’s architecture, this can be taken care of.

What Is The Difference Between Technical SEO And On-Page SEO?

One key difference between technical SEO and on-page SEO is that while on-page optimization is performed for the content on your website, technical involves everything beyond that. Technical SEO optimization involves everything focused on better crawling and indexing the content by search engine spiders. However, on-page SEO deals with factors such as keywords, competitor analysis, and content research so that the content on your website is informative and relevant.

How To Hire A Technical SEO Consultant?

When you plan to hire a technical SEO consultant for your website, you can look for a full-time specialist or a freelance expert. Hiring a freelance technical SEO specialist by outsourcing the work to a professional technical SEO agency helps reduce payroll while providing impressive outcomes. You can visit different job boards, run a Google search, or get on social media as well. When you run a Google search, you should consider various factors such as reviews, testimonials, and the experience of the company before hiring a part-time technical SEO consultant.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Technical SEO Consultant?

When you are ready to hire a technical SEO professional, it helps when you cover all the important questions to ensure that you hire the right expert for your requirements. To help you better, here are some of the questions that you can cover when interviewing a technical SEO consultant.

  • What is Your Process?

When you ask this question, their answer can give you an idea as to how experienced and proficient they are with technical SEO aspects. This also helps you understand whether the expert follows a systematic approach when working on a project.

  • What Tools Do You Use?

Any SEO expert can only perform SEO audits in an efficient manner when they have access to all the important tools. Furthermore, they should also know about the latest tools so that they use the best technology to optimize your website. This question will help you understand their level of knowledge pertaining to the latest tools.

  • How Do You Measure The Outcomes of Your SEO Efforts?

Analyzing the results of an implemented SEO strategy is extremely crucial to deciding where you’ll go in the future and what needs to be done from time to time to maximize the quality of outcomes. For this, you need to understand if the technical SEO consultant has a proper plan and uses the right tools to measure and report progress.

  • How Often Do You Communicate and Report?

The SEO consultant you hire should provide you with regular reports so that you have a complete idea as to how your website is doing and if the SEO efforts are paying off. Asking this question will help you determine how frequent and easy it will be to communicate with the expert.

  • How Much Do You Charge?

While you should work with the best people when it comes to technical SEO optimization, the services should still fit your budget. So, understanding how much technical SEO services cost and how much the potential SEO consultant charges will help you take care of your budget.

While on-page SEO optimization is easy to understand and learn, technical SEO strategies take a great deal of knowledge and experience for them to be beneficial. This is why working with a technical SEO agency can be a gamechanger for the ranking and growth of your website.
Written by Aaron Rains March 31th 2022