Written by Aaron Rains October 24th 2023

Latest news about the Core update in October
On October 19, the Core update ended. The Spam update began going out one day before the core update and ended the next day. To keep track of the important times, I’ve changed my algo update list.


All of Google’s main changes now show that they are getting closer to making the web full of information that people will find useful and trustworthy. An AI system or process is used to show the searcher the material that is most likely to meet their needs.

If it happened to you, look at a few keywords you want to rank for. Think about what it would be like to type or say this search question. What do they have to do? What are they trying to get done? Do not think like an SEO. Imagine you are a real person who just called and needs to be connected. What do they think about most? Now look at the pages that Google ranks high and think about why their new systems probably think that material is better. Does it get the job done faster? Are they a well-known name for that subject? A person of authority? If so, can you make pages that searches will always find more useful? This is what you should aim for.

What’s new with the September helpful contentupdate?

Cyrus Shepard says that 80% of the sites that contacted him after this update had ads like Mediavine or Adthrive that follow the user and cover up the main content. “That wasn’t just a Google content update.” It also had a UX change.”


Based on what I know, when Google changes the helpful content system, it means they have made it better at finding sites that match their ideas of helpful content. There is a part of this text about Page Experience:

This is Google’s instructions on how to use Page Experience.

A lot of SEOs have now said that sites with ads did worse after the September Helpful Content change.
Mediavine says that the HCU only affected 607 sites, or 5.8% of the over 10,000 sites that use their service.

Did ads make your HCU break down?

It is possible. I think you’ll need to do more than just getting rid of the ads to show Google’s helpful content system that your site is always one of the best ones for searches to see. You will need to come up with ways to give people a reason to keep looking for you