Why hire an SEO Consultant Vs Marketing Agency?

Over the years I’ve had multiple clients ask me why I should hire an SEO Consultant Vs. Marketing Agency? My answer is always the same, did you traffic and keywords ranking increase and most of the time they can’t say yes. Why is that you may be asking?

Well below are a few important reasons why an SEO Consultant is the right choice when you want to grow your online business.


If you are working with the right consultant responsibility is essential to the working relationship. Guiding a client to make the necessary changes to fixe the issues hindering their online presence is a common problem. Agencies tend to take the high road and make the customer happy and avoid the real problems which lead to no growth and more money out of your pocket.


Everyone these days says they are a consultant or an expert, but in my experience, there are only a few SEO experts. So do your research and ask questions before hiring a consultant. Ask to see a customer list, read reviews, and read through their qualifications. Now, if you have hired a qualified consultant, there is a big difference between working with someone fresh out school or who’s only had a few years in the business. Most experts should have at least 10 or more years working in SEO. Remember you get what you pay for and yes there is senior level position in the agency, but you don’t get access to them often.


We live in a world today where everything is automated to speed up the process, and that is what you get from an agency. Random automated reports that show up in your inbox displaying a website score that was meant to scare you into using their services. But, the truth is it can take hours doing a professional SEO website audit. There are many factors in why your site isn’t ranking high in search results and consultant will analyze your site based on Google’s key ranking factors based on panda’s quality score.


Who do you trust? That is the deciding factor when choosing whether to hire an SEO Consultant Vs. Marketing agency. If you have experienced both, I would like to hear your feedback below. Or if you have worked with either one, please leave a comment.