How to rank higher on Google with Keyword Research?

I get this question asked all the time how to rank higher on Google? There is a lot of factors how to improve your website’s ranking and there is a lot of SEO tips and tricks. But, this post I want to focuses on why you should do keyword research before building your website. Keep in mind that a website that ranks high on Google solves the search problem, answer, or purchase.

Keyword Research Steps

  1. What is your website about? Sound silly but I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve visited and did not know what the site was about. Could I buy something, visit a certain location or request more information. Start by researching the highest keywords volume “traffic searches on Google”. Does your website offer this service or would it meet your demands when you personally search the keywords? Now it’s not easy to rank for high volume keywords that why step 2 is important.
  2. Long tail keywords or phrases with lower search volume is where you can make your move and rank higher on Google. Focus your website on these words and create content that solves the problem, answers the question or purchase. If your content is good Google will show your results in search queries and if you convert your ranking will increase. A conversion is a purchased, bounce rate, click through rate and time on site are all important to Google.

Lastly, focusing your keyword strategy on lower volume keywords will help with domain authority as you start to rank for more searches based on certain topic, service or product. As you traffic grows over time now you can focus your energy on higher keyword volumes. It will take less time to rank higher in search terms that are super competitive because your website is a repetitive source of information for audience or search’s intent.

If you need help putting together a keyword research don’t hesitate to contact an SEO consultant.